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Thread: How to format external Hard drive to Fat or Fat32

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    How to format external Hard drive to Fat or Fat32

    I am not able to format 2-3 of my hard drives to FAT or FAT32 for using XBox. Windows Vista is only giving me options to format them in NTFS. What should I do to format it to FAT? Please help. Thanks

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    Vista and XP are limited to 32 GB when creating a FAT32 partition. If you want to use partitions bigger than 32 GB with FAT32 you will need to use a third party program to format the partitions.

    I use Acronis Disk Director but it is not free.

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    Is this enclosure one that you can open, and remove the drive, so that it can be placed temporarily inside of your system on an IDE cable? AND, do you have PartitionMagic 8?

    WinXP can't format FAT32 greater than 32GB, as I recall. But if you can stick it in your system, and use PM, you can format it to whatever size you want.

    I THINK a Windows 98 boot disk has a version of format on it that can do larger than 32GB, also. Just a thought...

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    Try this NTFS to FAT32 Format Utility utility. You should just need to restart your external drive after it's done.

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