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Thread: Unpartitioned FAT32 file system on external hard drive?

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    Unpartitioned FAT32 file system on external hard drive?

    I have purchased a laptop hard drive with 60gb storage and also a caddy which I want to use for a USB input to my car stereo. With the help of a tool called mkdosfs utility I have formatted the hard drive as Fat32 since I was not able to use the Windows XP's Disk Management tool as it was not letting me format paritions greater than 32gb. After when I connect the drive into my car stereo then I was getting an error message. When I asked a friend about this error then he told me that the hard drive might have the computer master boot record and a partition table with one partition that could be covering the whole disk. Can anyone tell me how do I get rid of the partition table? Thanks

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    Re: Unpartitioned FAT32 file system on external hard drive?

    I think that native windows formatting tools do not have that capability. Can you try to run chkdsk on the newly formatted drive and check if it outputs any kind of error message? You can try to shift the boot sectors which is possible. But it is not something that can be easily done without a tool that can format it that way.

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    Re: Unpartitioned FAT32 file system on external hard drive?

    I have fixed the problem now. First of I setup the drive so that the primary partition becomes Fat32 and with no logical partitions. Since Windows XP was not able to format the drive with Fat32 larger than 32gb, so I used a software called Partition Magic and it fixed the same issue. Not I dont have to install the disk in a computer anymore as well, since it is working over a usb.

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