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Thread: Incorrect PPP adapter RAS interface address

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    Incorrect PPP adapter RAS interface address

    My sbs2008 primary ip is, if I do a ipconfig, the PPP adapter returns and thus creates an "A" record in DNS which then throws up a SBS best practice alert.

    I've set up RWW and VPN. Everything works, but I don't understand how this address got populated on the PPP adapter RAS (Dial In) Interface.

    Your help is greately appreciated.


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    Re: Incorrect PPP adapter RAS interface address

    I will advice you to check the ip address one time and then you go for other connectivity solution. For the sever end just verify the ras connection. It is will be more helpful. Sometime a normal ras connection is affected due to ip issue. So it is a basic problem and you can fix that by modifying the ip address. You have just need to modify the settings and register the pending files. That's all.

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    Locate the RAS properties and ensure that it is you are getting proper response from the dhcp. So somehow if the dns fails to register the same you can get the problem. This is not a complicated problem. You will need to find a manual that is having proper settings. So that your system is able to communicate. There are ample of manuals provided on the official site and also you can get some vital information from various KB article.

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    Re: Incorrect PPP adapter RAS interface address

    Hello, my answers are inline:

    [QUOTE='SuperGumby [SBS MVP];4174251']Can you confirm:

    A) That the record actually exists in DNS.
    No, I don't see it anymore unless I am not looking in the right place. I looked at:

    Server1>> Forward Lookup Zones >>> mydomain.local >>>

    Also looked at Reverse Lookup Zones.

    Can I change my PPP RAS ip to match my true internal address or do they have to be separate?

    B) That you have fully applied the steps from the KB.

    If the KB has been properly followed I know of no other means by which the
    interface would register in DNS.
    If the incorrect entry exists just manually delete it and restart the
    system, does it re-register?

    It used to register until I ran the fix my network wizard but SBS best practice analyzer says it's still registered

    Do you have a 2nd DNS server on the network? If so the false entry may be
    being populated from it. Again, manual deletion and restart should fix it,
    the change should propogate to the 2nd DNS server. If not we have a problem
    with updates between the two DNS servers.

    No 2nd DNS

    Can I change the ipaddress of the PPP RAS interface to be the same as my true internal ip or do they have to be unique? My PPS RAS interface is set to DHCP
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    As per my experience the RRAS server gets the ip from the lan and here there is nothing related to DHCP. I think you must try to find a proper way to route the server so that it can gain a valid ip. As per your question it looks you are not able to configure the server properly and that is why you are landed in trouble. There are ample of entries that you need to add properly so that none of the error is generated. I hope you can use the wizard for the same.

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