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Thread: changing volume indicator in Windows 8

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    changing volume indicator in Windows 8

    I am running Windows 8 on my computer. I have been getting used to this operating system for a while now. I was now thinking that if anyone has attempted to change the built-in volume indicator in Windows 8? I have searched on the net on how to do this but I cannot find anything relevance. I am just looking to make it larger or smaller or making it appear on the desktop. Can anyone tell me whether there is any method to do this? Thanks

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    Re: changing volume indicator in Windows 8

    Are you trying to tell that you want to change the little bar which appears on the top left side of the screen? I dont think it can be changed since it is just another notification which is just like app notifications popup on the top right side of the screen. In the future this will surely change when Xbox Music launches soon. Once you have this app open or playing music then this popup will show player controls for music also with the album cover.

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    Re: changing volume indicator in Windows 8

    I think that you can try to make it larger but remember that all other icons will also get larger. To do that simply open Control Panel and then lick on Display icon. After that go to Change only text size and choose a item that you want to change the text size and bold settings of. After that choose the size you want for the item and then click the bold box to check, to turn it on, or uncheck, to turn it off. After you have finished just click on Apply to save the settings.

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    Re: changing volume indicator in Windows 8

    I dont think there is any information for disabling the UI even though if there is any technique for doing so will be quite risky or unsupported. The UI provided by Microsoft enables standardized experience for volume control for all devices. If you can check in Windows 8.1 then all Media handling was moved to the SystemMediaTransportControls. I also dont know whether there is any registry hack that can be applied for same.

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