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Thread: On screen Volume indicator bar missing

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    On screen Volume indicator bar missing

    Why don't i have an on-screen volume indicator on my compaq? I am running window xp on compaq laptop. Laptop changes the volume when i increase or decrease pointer from keyboard but bar on the screen missing. What has happened and what is the solution?Can anyone help!!!

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    Re: On screen Volume indicator bar missing

    The on-screen volume indicator bar added by some of the additional software installed on your machine.To make on-screen volume indicator appear again on compaq you need to go to : "Control panel" > "Sounds and audio devices" then select "Place volume icon in taskbar".

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    Re: On screen Volume indicator bar missing

    Are you talking about Windows system speaker volume OR 3rd party sound controls (Sound Max or other)?? Start - all programs - control panel - sounds and audio devices - place volume icon in the taskbar - ok.

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    Re: On screen Volume indicator bar missing

    Are you referring to one the appears on the screen as a series of bars? Or the one that is sort of gray with a slider that appears vertically over the sound icon in the taskbar? If it is vertical slider then you can enable it by right-click the taskbar > Select 'Properties' > Select the 'Notification Area' tab > Put a check in the box next to 'Volume' > Select OK.

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