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Old 19-11-2008
Join Date: May 2008
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.::Those who are in search of china mobile phone suite can download it here for free::.


1. Download the 3 zip files on your desktop.

2. Then Right-click, on any one file and select extract here.

3. Then open the China PhoneSuite folder.

4. Then click on phonesuite.exe. and China PhoneSuite will be in front of you !!!
Attached Files
File Type: rar ChinaPhoneSuite .part1.rar (976.6 KB, 94275 views)
File Type: rar ChinaPhoneSuite .part2.rar (976.6 KB, 80857 views)
File Type: rar ChinaPhoneSuite .part3.rar (841.4 KB, 77794 views)
Old 25-11-2008
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Does it work for all models ? I have ZTE A99.

plzzzz tell me how can i get pc suite for telsda t915???????????

dad it is not work in anycool t808

airtel live settings for Q7 china mobile i require

this program i cannot use with nphone n88
can u tell me how i can use this to connect my nphone n88 to my pc

sir, were can i get c8000+ china i phone manuals

sir is thair any software for c8000+ china i phone

even i am searching for same..if you get any details..please forwad the same

pliz help me to instal free english dictionary in my china mobile phone, (MAXTEL K19). i m searching guy like u who can help me in this field. Yes i am from Arunachal Pradesh.

i recently bought mobile.think it is chinese copy of SE.but it says sony ericsson U10i made in malaysia.
please help me install themes and games to this mobile.

Hi, I wish to get the PC suit for my Micromax G4 mobile phone to connect internet through PC. Please anyone help me on providing the PC suit software for the said mobile.
Old 29-12-2008
Join Date: May 2010
Posts: 1
Hi Trojan....I'm having china MT6227 device....I wanted the PC suite for it & i clicked the link u had provided. Part 1 & Part 3 are downloaded but part 2 shows "database error".....please provide me any other link or directly email it to me at "pawarprasad37@gmail.com".....i'm waiting for ur reply...

hi ajjibal............as urs is a china handset, i think dat the pc suite provided by trojan123 might work........just try it......else, if ur phone supports java, other java softwares can work in ur phone.........try searching for "java mobile softwares" in google.......

Thanks Trojan. The PC suite programme is highly useful. One problem being faced. All my phone numbers from HTC P3400 was in sync with the outlook. As you know, I had naturally more than one number against a name. I loaded the phone book from Outlook to the china phone. Unfortunately, only one number is transfered to the china phone against one name. Any Advice?
Thanks for the quick reply. There is no error message seen. All the 400+ names are transfered to the china mobile A968. But only one number for one name. I believe this is a limitation of the software.....rgds

The issue with China Phones is that they does not have a website like how Nokia and other phone has. So from there you can get a proper download and support. Second thing you can try is just connect the phone to the computer. A message will come up denoting found new hardware. Then a driver installation wizard will comes up. Click on next. After that windows will go online and search for the relevant driver. If you phone is not detected then you will have to uninstall all USB or unkown device from the Device Manager.

I was also facing such kind of problem and i had tried a lot to find it on internet but none of them where helpful, then finally i had check out some threads which helped me in installing java games on my phone, hope it will help you too.

Installing Games In China Mobile
How do I Install Java games on Chinese Phone using Vista?

Hello jayanttripathi. You may get the issue to be sorted by getting the configuration from the service operator. This would then help you out in making the issue to be sorted. Do check out for the same.

You will have to download the trojan removal tool for removing the virus from the computer. To search the solution for the virus, type the name of the in the google search bar and check the results. Download and install the removal tool for the virus. After installation, run the tool and see if the virus is removed or not.

For this you may need the pc suite application of your phone. This may then let your phone to take the backup of messages that you need to save. Do check out for the thing. You will end up with a good solution.

Hello there, I suppose that the PC Suite has not been installed in the system properly and this is why the particular feature of connection with the computer is not working. So, try the connection after re-installation of the PC Suite.

Just search for the particular PC Suites on the internet. You will get many free links for the same. There is a site called "chinamanuals.com", that provides all possible information regarding PC Suites, internet connection and so on. So, consulting that particular site will solve the issue.

I would suggest you to download and install the PC suite and then use the application for installing different applications on your china mobile phone. moreover the china mobile only supports the .nes format which does not require any special software to get a new application installed. Hope you got my point

I will suggest you to download DriverAgent utility it will automatically finds and identifies the latest device drivers you need to keep your PC running at its best. I have used this utility that is the reason I am suggesting this.

Contact to the manufacturer for getting the issue to be sorted. The problem could well being related and essential that the driver for Windows 7 64 bit may be available with them. So contact and get the issue to be sorted.

Hi girish, sorry to say mate that you can not install themes in China N5800, i guess. because i searched lot for this and din't got a single solution. And also this topic was searched before but no one can do the same.

You can see this : N5800 China mobile help

I need driver for Micxon S900, please help me.

Originally Posted by cahganteng View Post
I need driver for Micxon S900, please help me.
Which drivers you want ? I meant, Micxon S900 is the China Mobile phone right ? Than what kind of drivers you need for Mobile phone ?

I guess you need a driver for your pc to connect Micxon S900. Please make it clear.

Hi all, I have a china mobile "G FIVE" model no.. u808. Can I install any games in this phone? I hav tried the copying .nes files in games folder in memory card folder but it is not working. what shoud I do now.

i have a gild+a4 china mobile . please suggest me a pc suite to connect to web . the china pc suite posted by trojan doesnot works with my china mobile . plzzz help .

then plzzz give me address through which u downloaded the pc suite for u which is working in all ur china mobiles . i will also try it . plz help .


I downloaded it from here China Mobile Phone Pc Suite . Just click the download links, save and install it on your system. As i told before, if it is not supporting on your system, try it on any other system. It must work.

i have china blacberry curve t338A i need the bluetooth connectivity driver or software please?

You can simply install BlackBerry Desktop Manager that is integrated within the CD you got the phone. It will automatically install all the needed drivers.

Alternatively, you can download USB and modem driver pack from the official site of Blackberry .

Hi i'm a member of TechArena I have a mobile Sprint D736. I need the PC suite. Can u help me plzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Download the PC suite from here and install it.

Like every mobile company, China also has the same pc suite for almost every Chinese phone.

hello everyone i need the pcsuit to connect internet to my pc from my sigmatel fxd s22 china mobile .

Many members have already discussed above that PC Suite is one and the same for all models of China mobile. There is no separate PC Suite for fxd s22. So, download it from the very first post of this thread. Or here is the direct link: China Mobile Phone Pc Suite


i have install pc suite and it started i can see screen but not found and button to start sync and also it is not auto starting. I am try to connect blockberry chinese mobile

I guess the issue is quite related to the application. It could be that the suite application is not proper or may have some bugs. Get a fresh copy and try to synchronize the phone well with it. This may help.

Hi I have io sound i009 mobile phone. Can any tell me how to install usb driver for it for connect my phone to computer for internet

Try out this for China Mobile Sets

hi i have n99 china phone,when i plug in the usb cable to connect to my computer it always say the the usb does not passed the windows xp logo,...what shall i do?..
any one can help?...

I tried downloading all the 3 rar files of china mobile pc suite provided by trojan and i extracted it properly with winzip, I didnt get any extraction failures for the 3rd and the 4th file? Which tool are you using to extract the 3 files? I think that you need to download and install the latest version of the WinRAR x86 (32 bit) 3.93, download it from here.

i need a pc suit for china phone A2618, please give a suitable for this kind of model.

Originally Posted by Trojan123 View Post

.::Those who are in search of china mobile phone suite can download it here for free::.
thanks dude
Old 05-01-2009
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i've an china phone but could not install java software. Why? I managed to installed the pc suite given and get connected but could not load java softwares. Thanks

is this working for mt6225 ????

myself kunal
i want to connect my mobile to pc for internet but i could not found any pc suit and above link are not working please suggest me where i can find another link so

is "China Mobile Phone Pc Suite" enough for c8900 mobile?

hi i have china mobile.i have downloaded the modem drivers and pc suite. bt in pc suit it is not showing connect to the net option.i want to surf net through pc so i created dial up connection for my mobile.i dailled *99***1# and *99***1# and*99***1# but it is showing protocol was terminated.i did settings in properties of dial up eg. security,networkingetc. but still i have got the same problem.my phone is mt6225 and bpl gprs.PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE

I am a new member of TechArena Community. I am from Bangladesh.I use china mobile which name is Malata.My problem is I have downloaded china phone pc suite from this site,but it does not work with my mobile.Now what can I do now plzzzzzzzzz help me....

I have GSM S6 China mobile suggest me where i can find a pc modem driver
to conect to rhe internet thanke !!

how can i install games in my s6 plz help me im from INDIA plz

I have NKTEL 200 can anyone sugeest the softwres & PC suite for it please..

hi every one! I'm from Philippines...
why do .nes games won't work on my N82 china phone?
-i've tried directions posted here. i even tried downloading china pc suite but it won't work. Is the .nes game simply copied to the folder "GAMES"? I tried doing that and the game won't show at the menu where you usually find the games available... Does .nes really work? PLease help me guys! Thanks....

Also, i want to know if it is possible to put themes in my China N82? because there is no application installed in the phone to support the theme...

Please help meno: ... Nobody here knows something about the problem....
Can you email me here?>>>jameshernandez_29@yahoo.com...

I really appreciate it...

i have a dual sim mt6225 device and want to use net thourgh it on my pc.
can you help me.

Old 18-02-2009
Join Date: Mar 2009
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hallo friends
anyone have SigmaTel s90 pc suiet??????
if have plzzz give me the link
Hi all,

How do i connect to internet thru china mobile, I have pc suite but there is no option for net connect. Pl help. My model no CECT K188.


hi i've recently purchased China made iphone.. can anyone pl upload pc suite software for the same???

how can i download themes in my china phone nokiap

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Old 20-02-2009
Join Date: Feb 2009
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Hi, Please can you provide me a link where i can download driver suite for my
china mobile phone (samsung Giorgio Armani P520), I hope the modem driver is MT6225. THANKS.

pl pc suit for k900

How do I check the model number of my China Handset i.e. MT6225 or MT6227?

i am from pakistan. i am using xksstel s3 china mobile and i want pc suite for it. can you help me in this regard.

i am having an A8+ i fone mobile chinse make i am unable to use pc siut provide by 1, 2, 3, all so what can i do ? plz sugguest ?????
Old 10-03-2009
Join Date: Mar 2009
Posts: 2
guys i have a ZTC N95 its a chineese dualsim touchscreen phone.. or portable device anyway i can use it as phone too... it has NES emulator but is there any other way i can install applications? games? of any kind? not NES? i am sick of ness, i played more than 99999 on it... plsea help me, if anybody has a solution that works i quit drinking, trash-talkig, girl teasing, nerd-mocking, smoking, i quitt all just help me pls

I Have a Chineese 6225 mobile. I succusessfully installed the Phone suite. However I am unable to download my phone book details by pressing on the download button. it is diabled. Please help..

I have CECT V668, I wanna down load software/ games etc, Can anyone help me?

I have CECT V668 , I using airtel network want to down load my official emails . We have our own domain.

hey guys my headphone sound is not coming inspiate of the fact that my headphone speaker and everything is perfect ,my headphone works fine in another computer well ,but in my computer its not working cant do the voice chat help me plssssssssssssssss .i am using AC97 audio configuration

i want download mt6227 pc suite

some one have DRIVER of (((((((((((((( xksstel -x12 )))))))) chinez fone ????

note suite only Driver

i am vijai please tell me how to install games in my china mobile......
Old 15-03-2009
Join Date: Mar 2009
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hi trojan i have bought longxing v8 china mobile phone....the pc suite u have attached does it work for my phone??? pls do reply

Tried this, ended up with empty folders!!! Where are the files???

All three ZIPs containt the same exe file. Which one should we use? What is the difference?

I Need Your Help Please Tell Me How Can I Install Java In China Mobile Phone?
And I D`not Understand My Mobile Support Java Or Not? AND
Please Tell Me How Can I See My Mobile Support Java Or Not?
Old 25-03-2009
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Does anybody knows how to change the power up and power down image and music on XKSSTEL X11? There is an option to change it in Settings - Phone Setup - Display Characteristics Power On Display. Then there is a choice for System and User Defined. What kind of file should be placed in Used Defined Folders. It does not recognize any of the files I placed there.

Is there any way to change the System files?

I appreciate any answer that might help. Does anybody know what Nokia phone is used as a prototype for XK11?

Can you clarify a think about the 3 part suite. Should these 3 parts somehow combined. Should they be unzipped in different directories? Is there some guide?
Old 27-03-2009
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China iPhone PC Suite - Here you can download pc suit for china iphone Handset.

Hii guys.....can any 1 ....suggest how can i connect my china mob...."Fashion(as written on it..).." to my pc....i have downloades the pc suite by trojan..those rar files...n hav installed the PC Sync Mgr.....but i donno hav to use it...n it does not recognixes ma ph....can u plzx sugest...or any other pc suite for this type of mob...it is dual sim..dual camera..touch screen..n key pad also....

Camera Module Not ready Means your camera hardware is damaged. Well you cannot get your camera to work now. Mobile phones have a single motherboard where the camera is integrated which cannot be replaced... Sorry but the camera is now useless...


Just try by press *###.

If doesn't helps then press *###, press 5 then press 2 and press ok.

Here is a simple solution which you hope that can make your camera work. If not then your camera is damaged. You will need to replace it. First try this. Press *### in your mobile. These will restore your phone to factory settings. Better take a backup of your phone. Then here select the type sensor. Select gekewei and press OK
Old 01-04-2009
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i cant connect my chinese phone c2000+ with my pc.my pc doesnt recognize the phone,i think i need drivers for usb data cable but where i can find it?please help me
I have chineese mobile and i want to access 2nd sim's msgs to read and send from my computer help me out is there any other software or how can i configure this software for the said problem.

Hope this solution help you. Do this first connect your Mobile to the computer. Then you can see a green icon which denotes new founder found. If this message does not comes up then it is a hard ware fault. But if not then let windows decide about the drivers. After that download the pc suite from below link. You can also used Nokia Update tool to update the phone. Uninstall pc suite completely from registry also use cc cleaner then again reinstall it and try to connect ..
i have a china phone N97. how do i add programs, games, and other stuff? i don't really like the camera and video resolution but the rest are okay. is there any chance that i can tweak the resolution or something? there are still other programs still in Chinese even though i changed the language to English. please help. when i press *#0000# it shows language set default.

You will have to take the mobile to some mobile shop and have to get the firmware of the phone reinstalled. You can contact the dealer who sold you the phone for getting the address of the service center which will help you in restoring the firmware of the phone.
can i get the instruction manual for my china phone black berry h9000 and also can i have pc suite for it i need the driver for my etouch 707 pro, when i connect the phone on my pc its detected as mt6235 i downloaded the software that was given on this thread and it seems that its still not working, can anyone help me out with this? thanks.. it'll be greatly appreciated
I too was in the same state of excitement when the software performed fantastically. Actually i was searching for bulk sms software (pc to mobile sms) using bluetooth and this software was successfull in sending to any number of persons (mobile Nos.). May divine shower on the uploader and the developer.
Old 30-04-2009
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Re: China Mobile Phone Pc Suite

God's Peace be with you all

i have a china mobile c1000+

when i connected the mobile to computer throw USB 2.0 cable

there is nothing appeared on mobile
and on computer appears that
found new hardware
unknown usb device

i don't know what can i do ?

thnx for every one cares and try to solve the problem
Old 04-05-2009
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Re: China Mobile Phone Pc Suite

hi bro i need some help from u
i have china n95 8GB it realy looks like original n95 8GB i dont have touch screen in my mobile
my problem is that i cannot connect my phone to pc through usb and it does not show any mode to connect through pc and pc does not detect the hardware the phone only does is charging and my phone version is when i press *#0000# it shows
RM - 133
Nokia 95-8GB(11)
this may help u to find my problem and please tell me that itz hardware or software ploblem.
waiting for ur reply!!!
not even through ur pc suite it doesnot connect!!!
Old 07-05-2009
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Download pc suite for china phone.

you must conect with bluetooth serial port. this is the only way. just pair your phone with your bluetooth dongle and make a serial conection. see the com port nr. and add it to the pc suite com port. then you will be able to transfer you contact and mesages.

But I wanted to know whether I could install java to my mobile. It is a alkatel H1, handset on MTK6225 platform. or can i install other softwares or games.

i downloaded it but i couldnt setup it on my pc
it show this message : the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135) , click ok to terminate the application
and i dont know if it gonna work
Old 24-06-2009
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Can i get some aplications for my sciphone? (china)

Can we apply iphone's software for it?

Is this China Mobile Phone Suite software supports my Nokia 6300 china???

I've tried Nokia Pc Suite but no luck at all.

a T800+ chine mobile.i want to know to install nes games and java ganes on my mobile.

will this work on a bestel 6000+

i have lephone a1, i want pc suite and pc camera driver?

hi trojan the links for pc suite downloaded ok but i cannot open them what program to open them not zip file or any i have cannot right click and exstract

How does one open the .rar files in Windows XP ?

nokia N86 china mobile kindly send me sum videos link for that plz i will b v thank ful

do this work for cect t808/t828??

wanted to know that can ur pc suit be used if one turns on bluetooth?
my model is g five u808

just download win.rar software from any place .

where can i get themes and some good wallpapers formy g five u808 mobile?

F003 Dual sim phone and when i connect to pc suite, it asks if i want get information from the phone memory, and i click yes.

After this it stops working, and says no solution is available and shuts the program down.

I am using vista

it doesn't work for china star mobile

china phone "lephone A1" and it just doesnt connect via usb. the windows recognize it as a unknown device and needs some drivers.

Chinese Dual Sim Nokia E71. My questions are: where would I locate a user manual ? Can I associate called ID and personalised ringtones for my contacts ? If so, how ? Many thanks in advance. Theresa.
work with my "MT 6225" Dual Sim Phone

mt6225 usb modem driver ...

lephone a1, i have pc suite but its not connect my mobile & camera to pc
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