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Old 31-03-2010
Join Date: Jan 2006
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You can search for the same query on the Google where you can get the list of link which are having the download for the same as you are looking for. As per your query i have search and got a nice tools which is known as the Advanced Phonebook which is freeware and can be downloaded easily. So of if you can then download the same from the Google Search.

That is a normal problem which is experienced with your china model phones or types of clones and therefore I suggest you to contact the manufacturer or the distributor to fix the issue or alas replace your china phone. Basically China mobile phones are cheap phones and die soon if some R and D are done on this cheap phones.

First install the pc suite for china mobile phone and then connect your mobile phone to your pc. By the way how are you connecting your mobile phone to pc, by usb or by bluetooth? However, if you try to connect your mobile phone without the pc suite then your computer should recognize the mobile as flash drive, is there any memory card present in the phone?

I think that you will have to buy flash-downloading cable from eBay and find Spiderman 2.55 and then save flash and format phone memory. Another option is just remove the battery & remove both SIM, wait for 2 minutes and the again insert SIM, place battery & switch on or else you will have to go to mobile repair shop and Tell them to Flash your mobile phone. It comes back to normal mode. In other words, they copy the cell data on their PC, then change the settings to dual simcard.

Connect your china mobile DX901 to your computer and then go to control panel and click on add or remove hardware. From there try to take the option to automatically search for new device connected to your pc and when it is recognized, install the drivers automatically for it. Other solution is to go and check in Device Manager, whether any device is listed with yellow exclamation mark, if it is, then again install drivers for it by clicking update drivers.
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Old 02-04-2010
Join Date: Apr 2010
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N5800 xpress music having battery backup hardly for an hour only.........
Do buy at ur own risks..............
because i own by ebay and use it..
worst mobile i have ever seen in my life........
Do not go for the adverts.

Brother, Nowadays china mobiles are coming along with batteries duplicating Nokia models. My suggestion is we can use the original Nokia's battery which suites your's and the problem is solved. I have done the same with my apple mobile like china mobile. When I have replaced with the Original Nokia battery the backup period is 3 days now. Amazing isn't it. Please try this. (Not all china mobiles are coming with a nokia duplicate, Please check)

Friends I have got China iphone copy and I want to know how can i install themes on this phone...please guide me through the application required for it to work on china iphone

I dont have sigmatel s4(mt6225) modem driver or pc suit plz give me link to download....
I am very thankful to

To unzip these files, you will need a program such as Winrar or other similar programs. If you click on the first file, it will then decompress them into a selected directory. I just did this with no problem. The Suite even includes USB drivers (though I have not tested them yet.)

i have a gild+a4 china mobile . i downloaded your preferred pc suite , but i failed to connect it with my pc . the pc didnot showed any response . please solve my problem .
Old 08-04-2010
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 4,545
As per my knowledge the Chinese phones can be connected through the USB cable and can be detected as the removable disk so i think you don't require any kind of the PC suit for the same. Also the PC suit is already existing in the phone so check for the same and work with it. Also search for the same on Google you will get lots of link related to download of the same.

There are so many software are available to manage the china mobile as you can do the same in NOKIA. You can get the latest software in the package and you can perform all the function that you use for managing your other branded handset. You can visit on this link to get the latest downloads for the China mobile suits :

China Mobile Phone Pc Suite and unzip it in the specific folder and execute the proper set up to install the PC suit.

To answer your question, I would first let you know that did you try to download the pc suite from the first post of this thread? For most of the chinese version of mobile phone I suppose there is only 1 pc suite that can be either compatible or might be not depending upon the mobile phone that you are using. Chinese phones are cheap quality phones, therefore most of the pc suite dont work with them properly.
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Old 08-04-2010
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 6,878
To get your china phone connected to the internet you need to do two things first get the settings from the Service providers and then connect your mobile to the computer via a USB cable. After connecting it when you see the mobile screen it will show only 3 options.
1. Mass storeage
2. Web cam
3. COM Port
Select the third option COM Port and you will get connected. I hope that this will help you.

Hello there, your problem can be solved only with the help of the PC Suite for the for the particular phone that you are using. After installing the same, your problems will be solved.

Check on this Link: China Mobile Phone Pc Suite and see if you get the required PC suite for your china mobile. If it is not the required software then you can search it on Google. But it happens very rare that one finds a China mobile PC suite. See if the your mobile phone vendor has any CD which will provide you the PC suite for your China mobile.
Old 15-04-2010
Join Date: May 2010
Posts: 1
hello i want to save my sms from my dual sim mobile i use my phone explorer but it saves only first sim's sms plz help me how can i save second sim sms to pc

I have a U808 china mobile...I have recently came accross one problem. Whenever i connect the data cable of my mobile to my laptop..i am getting the message of ' unknown hardware'.

can you provide me the link for free PCsuite download for G Five U808 china mobile.

if you get answer for haw can you restart your fone let me know as i did delet the wifi fiel from my china I phone and did the sam switch of and not switching on again

can i get PC suite for S-Mobile s100 china phone....the above mentioned PC suite doesnt work with my phone.

i want g-five u800 china mobile pc suite

i had d same problem nd i took out d sim switched it on and went 2 engineer mode nd switched it off

my phone got switch off automatically and not switching on.its china .plz help me

I am not able to connect the mobile with computer.. Please help me to installl software in my phone!!

guys i used engeeniring mode and switched 2 sim mod on from there.now mobile got switched of .its not switching on.plz help me wat shud i do

i need china mobile pc suite for G-tide g838

display problem of china e71 - unfortunately mirrored vertically and horizentally

anyone could indicate me where to find drivers for the mt6235 for windows 7 64 bit? the phone is a mini N97 (nokia clon)

i am trying to install themes i i cant , please tell me how to i install themes and games to my mobile and Vedio also coming slowly.

please help me i want gfive mobile pc suite for u898
Old 15-05-2010
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 7,109
There are no drivers available for your phone. If you want to connect it to your computer then you will have to use the china mobile Pc Suite that is uploaded in the very first post. Download that and install it and afterwards when it is fully installed then connect your mobile to your pc and check whether your phone gets detected or not to the computer.

Well you dont need a bluetooth connectivity driver or software to connect your china mobile phone to your pc. All you need to get is a bluetooth dongle which is a hardware that is used to sync your mobile phone and your computer. You can get the bluetooth dongle at any computer hardware shop and after getting it you just have to connect it to your pc and sync the mobile with it.

All pc suite for china mobiles are one and the same. There is no separate china mobile pc suite for different models of china mobile phone. So it is best that if you can download the pc suite from the first post of this thread. Use winrar to extract zip files and then simply install it on your pc. Plug you mobile device in the computer and copy/delete anything from it on your computer.

Can you first of all tell us the make/model of your mobile phone? Also which Operating System are you using? Have you tried to let Windows search for the drivers of your mobile phone automatically, try it and let us know. Also after connecting your mobile phone to your pc, go to Device Manager and check if you are getting any yellow exclamation mark next to any device, try to update drivers from their as well.

Well, you can give it a try by installing games, softwares, etc in your mobile phone. Usually, in most of the china model phones, many games and softwares are not supported, so one cannot tell you whether it will work or not. In any case, download the china phone pc suite from this same topic, install it on your pc, connect your phone to your computer, transfer the games, softwares, etc; to your mobile phone, disconnect your mobile phone from the computer and check by installing games, softwares directly from your mobile.

You need to first download all the three files completely from the first post and page, then use a winrar utility to extract its content. I tested it by downloading on my pc and it is working fine. Basically, if you need to install it on vista then use the vista compatability mode for installation of the software. Hope that helps.
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Old 16-05-2010
Join Date: May 2010
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Sir i have a cute I phone model china phone For getting internet acces in my pc using it I downloaded the parts of pc suits and installed it and connected my phone to my pc . using it i can acces my phone book ,messages etc ...

but until now I cant connect Internet through it

if any one have a sollution For this .....
or anyone have any software that is suitable to solve my problem

I used the code *#3646633# for engineer mode to my sigmatel s88 phone and selected high speed sim option on.

Then it suddenly switched off and its not starting I mean not switching on again.

I took the battery out and tried to switch on. It?s not working.

i had downloaded the 3 .rar files.
i extracted them and ran pc suite.exe.
i chose COM port from my china mobile DX901.
but there was no reaction.
Can anyonu suggest me a proper Pc suite for my mobile.
is there any suite exclusivly for this Mobile?
Please give my the link.
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Old 17-05-2010
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 1,611
How could that be possible ? I am having 4 China Mobiles in my home, all different models. But i can connect all with a single PC suite that is mentioned in the above posts. I think the problem might be with your system, i meant any driver problem. Try to install PC Suite on any another system or try updating your system's needed drivers. Hope that will work.

IN order to install themes on your Chinese iPhone just have look to the following post: Download China Mobile Themes. You should download attachment including a theme and instructions for installing the same.

First of all make sure that you have required services activated on your phone from your service provider like GPRS or PC internet. Than you will have to install phone modem on your system and than you can access internet on your pc from your mobile. Din't got ?

Here is the complete guide for the what i said with pictures and all, just go through it and you will find it very simple:
Install China Mobile Phone Modem Driver and Connect to Internet on PC

In order to use internet on your computer through your China mobile, first you will need to install the required modem driver on your system. It is a small process. Anyways, just go through this guide: Install China Mobile Phone Modem Driver and Connect to Internet on PC, download the needed modem driver and follow the steps mentioned with image. It has the complete process of connecting to internet through your china mobile.
Old 04-06-2010
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 156
Re: China Mobile Phone Pc Suite

Docomo GPRS settings:
Homepage: http://divein.tatadocomo.com
Proxy Server:
Port: 8080

For Aircel Gprs settings, refer this thread: Aircel GPRS settings.

For more helps regarding the same, just go through the following post:
Internet settings for China mobile
Old 09-06-2010
Join Date: Sep 2005
Posts: 110
Am too still confused with this situation. I have observed that we can install external themes or any application in some of the chinese phones and while some China model dont allows us for the same. What you can do is try to install a theme on your device and see if it works. Do reply the result so that it can help others as well.

I will recommend you to try Drive Detective for that. Have you ever heard of this software. It will allow you to install your hardware with driver support. It check your system each time for udpates. It is for all those interested and who are not confident that their drivers are updated they can install a small software that I just found and tested and called driver detective,

All you need to get the associated application files that is been uploaded. Then extract those files and install the application to the system. You may then be able to use the suite application for Chine phone. Other than that for your internet connectivity you need to get the configuration fro the desired phone model you have from the service operator you use.

There are no different china mobile phone pc suite for specific china model phone, all china mobile pc suite are one and the same. So just download the pc suite from the first post of this thread and install it in your pc. You can also try to connect your phone to your pc and let windows recognize the drivers for your mobile phone automatically, this way you need not to install the pc suite.

Check out for the above links provided. It really helped me out and I am now able to use the suite application well. It could be that the application you have is not proper or some system file has gone corrupt. So check for the thing.

Similar to any other brand's Mobile phones, all chinese mobile too has a single PC suite for every model.. You can download the pc suite from the first post of this thread and use the same. Good luck.

there is no different PC Suites made for every different model of China mobiles. There is only one China PC Suite for every chinese mobile phone. You can download the pc suite from this post : China Mobile Phone Pc Suite and use it for your mobile as well. Incase you face any problem or error than do a reply here.

You don't require any kind of PC suite for transferring files or connecting to comport modem. When you connect your china mobile through UB cable, you will find 4 options namely Masstorage, webcam, comPort and one more option which I didn't remember right now. But if these are the options then you can directly transfer the files as soon as you connect the mobile to the computer.

There are so many mobiles out from Chinese manufacturer that it is not possible to find out details about any particular model unless and until we try to find out it practically. So better to know does your mobile supports .Nes games or not, just try to install any one .NES game and see if it works. To know how to install these games, just go through this post: How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step

It is right. I had found that some older models of pc suite belonging to the similar models works with some china phone. But they are only for backing up your contacts or copying data. China phones does have Application Manager in them. Due to which you cannot install or use any software in it. The same application manager is common in Nokia phones.

There is no separate PC Suite for particular model of china mobile, so you can try the PC suite attached in the following post: China Mobile Phone Pc Suite. Download the attachment, extract it and install. If you face any problem while installing or later, please do reply.
Old 14-06-2010
Join Date: Sep 2005
Posts: 110
Installing Pc Suite needs the same process as you install other applications on your computer. Just extract the files and double click on the setup

On the second point, first get activated GPRS on your mobile phone from the services provider, connect your device with the PC via USB cable, and you will find a button or link on your China PC Suite to connect to internet. Thats it.

Most mobile phones in China come with 1 or 2 games. There is a way to install new game for mobile phones in China. Download jar game files from any site. Unzip it the same and copy it to your memory card. Then open the folder in your memory card and select the file. There are some .nes file format which also supports china phone.

Sorry buddy, am just able to understand that you are using Tashan ts151 and need a PC Suite. Rest, am unable to understand the above line ?

You can download the PC Suite from the very first post of this thread, it will in your Tashan ts151 as well because there is not different PC Suites for every different china mobiles. If you face any problem installing the pc suite, please do a reply.

Actually, the Sigmatel S80 china mobile phone doesnt support any file format, therefore you have to be happy with only the inbuilt software and games that are already present in the mobile phone. I suppose even the china phone suite doesnt work with it, but however you can use the phone as a mass storage device by connecting into your pc.

Installation of any software in just the same process, that is you need to run the application and follow the instructions that displayed on the screen. Only the matter is that the avi player or any application must be compatible with the phone. Than only you can install the application on any system or mobile. If it is not,, whatever we do.. its not gonna work.

First of all you will have to check out that your phone supports java or not. For that download any jar file from internet for games and then copy paste that in your phone. You can do that by connecting it to your system or using a memory card reader. You can use Micromax Q3 Suit for it. It most of the case this pc suit works for china mobile phone.
Old 15-06-2010
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 1
i need a pc suite for gfive e71

thats not help me becase thats files are damaged . n not want to install .also i downloaded the pc suite but not show my device .

I have a chine phone S...Mobile and I want to download drivers into it like: Java, Facebook and games. What do I do?

Please post pc suite for gfive iFone Rocker i700

I m using the Tashan ts151 china mobile pls help me for this mobile all coads How to install to china pc suit for the pc pls any friends send pc suit

hi i am using singmatel s-80 mobil sets can we download the games in there set

Please confirm how can we download java softwear in my sigmatel s80(china)mobile

I have got Chinese fake iPhone. Whole week looking for manuals, apps, PC Suites. Couldn't find any proper stuff, half of all features do not work, cant connect to the internet and finally memory card died. I am tired and disappointed... My only advice for everyone: never buy Chinese products!!! Its only waste of time and money.

The downloads for the pc suite are not working...the first downloaded but its failing along the way while installing the software on windows vista but the other two downloads is complaining of missing files during download process.
Your urgent response needed.

i have micromax q2 n need driver for mt 6228 for usb gprs modem help me some 1

How to install .avi player like core codec player in AP3 mobiles?

Hi my name is manju i am using gfive 9000i how to instal game in my cell phone plz help me

hi everybody..
i need a help..
i have a china iphone..but i dont know how to install games..
somebody can teach me..
Old 15-06-2010
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 240
Re: China Mobile Phone Pc Suite

This might be because of lack of drivers. You may need to install drivers to make your PC Suite work properly. You can find some drivers and instruction for the same in the following threads:
Modem and driver for g'five u800 mobile
Download Free Usb Modem Drivers for China Mobile Phone
Install China Mobile Phone Modem Driver and Connect to Internet on PC
Old 28-06-2010
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 118
Re: China Mobile Phone Pc Suite

Hi Asraf, as i can see this is your first post, i should Welcome you to Techarena Community. Secondly, there are many threads and tips already available on this forum about installing games, applications and themes in China mobile that you can easily fins by doing little search. Anyways, am posting some links of the threads that will help to install games in your China mobile:
How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step
Installing Games In China Mobile
Help installing games in china mobile
Best NES Games for china mobile
Free Download Games & Applications for China Mobile
installing games Sky PDA china mobile
Install China Mobile Phone Modem Driver and Connect to Internet on PC
Old 29-06-2010
Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 2
i have Mini iPhone R 860 how to install themes and games

i need china mobile pc suite for G-tide g838

i have china Mini iPhone modal R860 how to install themes and games this china mobile pc suite is not support for my mobile please help me

the program can't in any way connect to the phone ( Chinese Nokia eE71 )

I am talking about Pc Suite program, and I am saying that there is no such program, at least for Chinese E71
I succseeded to connect to my E71 through Pc Suite downloded from here

i have installed pc suite,but when i connect my e71 pro china mobile,there is no option of com port..there is only memory card and webcam... and it also those not support .nes files,dont knw y........can any one pls help..plss

I have an advice for all friends that can't connect to there phone
From my experience, just change the USB cable
The cables that we get with the phone are very bad quality

Plz Give me idea recharge code Generator..........

how can i install game in mtk 6225 & Spider man Chaina Mobile.
Plz Give me full install Details

Up to this day I didn't succeeded to install any application including games on my Nokia E71 !

The Pc Suite which all of you speaking about is only good for managing the phonebook, messages and so on.
It is not good for installing any other thing especially applications or programs

someone tell me where can i get the pc suite for tv phone ztc368

[Help] i can driver for ktouch b922 ..... I don't speak english ....

hi i hv a china mobile e 71. how can i connect the mobile with my pc & start using the internet. in windows 7

i want pc suit for spice s-8 and modem driver

What kind of Internet I can use with my Chinese Nokia E71 ( no WiFi )
I have tried some option available in my country but I don't succeeded
Does I need to contact to my phone service supplier ?
Is there any chance to get free Internet ?

Pleas download china mobile pc suite from , to get answer for china mobile pc suite it works for most of china mobiles.

it is only due to problem when ur cable is not working

does winpel e99 works also for this ?????

Already i download the chine mobile pc suit form this page & i can connect my chines nokia E71 through the pc suit. But my question is that. how can i connect the internet in the pc. is there any pc suit which have the internet connection option. Plz help me if u know

Here PLZ
Install China Mobile Phone Modem Driver and Connect to Internet on PC

please I need Skyworth T806 pc suite

please i need the driver for my china phone model MQ3300.... i av downloaded the 3 files and av installed the p.c suite on my computer.

pc suit for star x10 3,8screen

i have a karbonn kc750 and i want to connect internet in pc by mobile so i want pc suite of this handset please provide me my e-mail address is............ "zia0075@gmail.com"

i m using a nokia E66 and it is chinese how do i install themse in it n what do i have to do with the pc suit

Good morning for every one.

Please I have a China Blackberry phone MT6235 with two SIM card but cannot connect to my Laptop.

Hello My Phone Model Is X1(d801)
I WAnt Connect To Internet With Sim Gprs and connect My pc to Phone And Use The Internet From The Pc
Plz Help who i can do it?

i ve china mobile w905...i want to know how to install game and application in w905..
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