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Thread: No usb ports working !!

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    No usb ports working !!

    All of the USB ports have stopped working on my pc. They are still showing as working on my hardware manager and I have installed every USB update. I don't know whats wrong.

    Has anyone got any ideas or suggestions as to what I can try next? I have an ASUS P5B board, and intel core2 duo E6600 running Vista Home Premium.

    Thanks in advance all,

    Here are my computer specs:

    Intel Core 2 Duo E8500
    2Gb DDR Corsair TWINX2048-3500LLPRO
    Sony DRU-810A Internal Double
    Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616T
    24" widescreen LCD monitor

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    Did you reboot and try it again?

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    Well first check, if there is anything plugged into any USB ports?

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    Try uninstalling the USB controllers in the Device Manager,then restart computer.

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    omg, i was just gonna post the exact same thread with my sony vaio, after my laptop didn't recognise my mice, or printer. i had the device manager up in the background from hours of trying to get my mouse to work, and like 5 reboots, etc. i started to make a request for help thread, and i plugged my mouse in so i could explianexactly what happened, and the device manager refreshes, and the mouse goes from "unknown device" to "composite device". weirdf, as only one mouse and printer work, guess the other mouse really is broken, not just some drivers.
    btw, there r no usb drivers on the sony website, which is knida weird?

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    I am bit confused? Do you want to say that your mice and printer are not working when you connect them through USB port? Please get me corrected if I am wrong.

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    Hey pipleader!
    Welcome to TechArena Community!
    Well looking at your question & you have sony vio, no USB ports working!
    So i strongly feel there must be some driver related problem.
    I suggest you to run a repair install of your operating system (considering XP as your OS). So can you just tell us some more about your system configuration & your exact problem?

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