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Thread: User Interface Failure- The logon userinterface DLL NWGINA.DLL fai

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    User Interface Failure- The logon userinterface DLL NWGINA.DLL fai

    I need some help with error message I am facing. I am not able to bot my pc. I am having Windows XP installed on the same. There was some virus problem in my pc. I had accidentally installed some malicious software accidentally. Later on I tried to remove them and it looks it is not easy. I am facing a error on my screen related to the same. The error that I am getting is User Interface Failure. The logon userinterface DLL NWGINA.DLL failed to load."

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    RE: User Interface Failure- The logon userinterface DLL NWGINA.DLL fai

    Try to boot in safe mode. Then use a good antivirus to thoroughly scan your pc. I am sure it will detect the antivirus and remove the same from your pc. You can download a trail edition of any popular antivirus with all the features. You can scan your system and then remove it if you want. It is necessary that you must not install this tools in your pc. Ample of them are only removed if you format your pc and install xp back from scratch.

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    It is very complicated to remove this kind of infection. It is necessary that you must scan your system a number of times. There are tons of malicious removal software which will help you to get rid of the same. But if not then at the end you will need to format your pc. This malicious software makes place windows registry due to which you cannot remove it so easily. Use a good antivirus scanner and then check back the same.

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