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Thread: Possible hard drive issue?

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    Possible hard drive issue?

    Since last week, windows does boot up anymore. I just get a black screen when I turn on the computer. I bring up the safe mode menu and have tried different options on there. Start normally, start in safe mode, last known good configuration etc...Whenever i choose any of those, it goes to the screen to the screen where i can i click enter and start windows xp. But no matter how many times I hit enter on Windows it doesnt do anything. Just stays on that screen. I am not sure if this is a windows issue or something wrong with the hard drive? Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Re: Possible hard drive issue?

    Boot your pc in safe mode and install HDDScan. This tool will give you detail on your drive health status. If there is any issue then you have to replace it. For windows you can try startup repair through windows bootable disc. From the installation screen at the bottom left you can see a repair option. Click on that and choose Startup Repair. Most of the problem that appear on boot are fixed through this. You can also test your ram by memtest.

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