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Thread: Photos are disappearing in library

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    Photos are disappearing in library

    I have worked on windows 7 OS laptop and now I have faced problem on it. This problem is related to the Photoshop. I use this software for editing the photos and then I save it on my library. When I look these photos then some photos are disappearing. When I try to again save it then it shows that photos already present on it. Thanks for any suggestions regarding this issue.

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    Re: Photos are disappearing in library

    The solution is simple. You need to use an proper search technique on your windows 7. This technique is very simple. In that first press F3 button. Then choose the location where to save you your photos and then enter name of this file. After that you can click on the search option. You can also use the search box on the Start menu to find files, folders, programs. I am quite sure that you got correct photos using this technique. This will show you how to do a Search for files and folders in Windows 7.

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    Re: Photos are disappearing in library

    A library is a collection of links/pointers to a set of folders. You can check the location that you use for storing these photos files. You can also again try this process and this time remembers the available location URL path. This gives you indication. Then try this process and hope that you got correct result.

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    Re: Photos are disappearing in library

    Another way is that set the attributed of this library location. In this process, you need to set the hidden attribute of this library to the disabled stage. Then you can view all the hidden as well as non hidden files and folder. The tools option of the windows explorer help to you for doing this simple process. For more information you can read the help section of the library. It gives you the number of path to do this task.

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