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Thread: "there is not enough memory to complete" with shared printer

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    Bruce Sanderson Guest

    "there is not enough memory to complete" with shared printer

    installing Additional Drivers on the print server

    See for a possible workaround.

    Since you have already installed the printer locally, a variation of this workaround is:
    1. click Start, Printers
    2. click File, Run as Administrator, Server Properties (click Continue or provide administrative credentials)
    3. select the Ports tab
    4. click Add Port
    5. select Local Port; click New Port
    6. in the "Port Name" box, key the UNC name of the Samsung SCX-4100 printer as defined on the Windows 2003 server - e.g.
    \\printservername\printersharename; click OK; click Close; click Close (close the Print Server Properties window)
    7. in the Printers window, right click on the Samsung printer you installed locally and select Properties
    8. select the Ports tab
    9. click on the Port you just added (e.g. \\printservername\printersharename) to add a check mark. The check mark that was in LPT1 (or whatever port was previously selected) will be automatically removed.
    10. click OK

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    Trapulo Guest
    The solution is to install the Vista drivers for your printer on the Vista machine and then connect to the printer.

    You may have to actually install the printer on the vista machine and then remove it and connect via the network.

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    Re: "there is not enough memory to complete" with shared printer

    I keep getting a message "A device attached to the system is not functioning"
    What do I need to do now?

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