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Thread: Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450

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    Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450

    I have got myself a new Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450 and Vista is able to recognize this keyboard but some keys are not functioning such as the Copy, Cut, Paste, etc. I have also already installed the MS Intellitype drivers onto the system but this hasnt effected a bit for this keyboard, what could be the problem here. Can anyone help me out.

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    Even I am facing the same issue and those Intelli drivers are not even installing on my Vista OS, I am also not able to find any other drivers? I have problem with the CTRL button and then scroll wheel and sometimes even the forware and back keys are not working. But those Cut, Paste, etc keys are working fine for me. If only there was a similar kind of keyboard available in the market with all these extra buttons, I would have ditched this keyboard long time back. When will microsoft release a fix for this problem or even a proper driver that will work in Vista.

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    You can try to make a backup of the registry and then remove all the remains of the IntelliType driver entries from the registry editor by opening it via Regedit. Then simply remove the program by going into the path c:\program files\Microsoft IntelliType 2.0 and afterwards try to install IntelliType 7.0 and select Wireless Desktop Elite Keyboard or Digital Media Pro. Everything will start to work, only exlcuding the scroll wheel. After that you need to install AutoHotkey and write the below script in AutoHotkey and you can also make list it in the Windows Startup by making a shortcut in the Start menu:

    ; Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450: Making the ScrollWheel work under Windows Vista. ScrollUp/Down Normal, Fast, Faster, Fastest
    sc10B Up::Send {WheelDown}
    sc111 Up::Send {WheelDown 3}
    sc112 Up::Send {WheelDown 5}
    sc11F Up::Send {WheelDown 7}
    sc10B Down::Send {WheelUp}
    sc111 Down::Send {WheelUp 3}
    sc112 Down::Send {WheelUp 5}
    sc11F Down::Send {WheelUp 7}
    ; --------------------------------------------------

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    Re: Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450

    Had success with Version 7.1 and Windows Vista 64 - all good THANK YOU. Installed and setup AutoHotKey. Created script and added to startup group but trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong that scroll wheel still won't work. Even if I manually run the script it doesn't work.

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    Re: Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450

    Following the directions I'm able to get everything but the scroll wheel to work under Windows 7 64. Maybe the script needs updated or something. IDK. Can someone please help?

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    Re: Microsoft Office Keyboard RT9450

    Quote Originally Posted by itzthor View Post
    Following the directions I'm able to get everything but the scroll wheel to work under Windows 7 64. Maybe the script needs updated or something. IDK. Can someone please help?
    How old is the keyboard? There was a solution given for it, if you force install the IntelliType Pro 5.0 on your machine. So, for that first of all, unzip ITP5_0.exe. After that in property of \ITP_0Fra\IType\Setup.exe, set Compatibility mode = Win2000 and then launch this Setup as well. In C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro, set Compatibility mode = Win2000 for ALL the exe. Check if that works.

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