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Thread: Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device

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    Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device

    I normally use a usb drive to backup my computer and when it is plugged in the pc I am not able to safely remove it. If i try to remove to by using the option of "Safely Remove Hardware" then i get an error message which says that:
    Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device
    Windows can't stop your "Generic volume" device because it is in use. Close any programs or windows that might be using the device, and try again later.

    I have already tried closing all the programs from the task manager and even the antivirus that i use but nothing is working in my case. Is there anyone who can help me with this problem.

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    I think that the Safely remove procedure is not possible on a USB mass storage device. Maybe due to the constant use of that drive, window will not let the usb drive to remove. Even mine use to do the same which used to pick some of the items presented in the windows. You can try to hit stop button when that windows open and always try to pick more than one device and see the results.

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    There is a simple fix to this problem, just go to control panel and then disk drives and then in its properties check the number of the device >> policies >> check for optimize for quick removal or either for optimize for performance in which you can simply use the safe removal tool. Either ways, if you want to check the box of the optimize for quick removal to quickly unplug the use device and then do a restart of the pc and everything will be working fine.

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