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Thread: Best Internet Browser in 98 and 98SE

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    I dont know whether this topic is created or not but I wanted to know which is the best browser available for Windows 98SE? I dont know why people want to install different browser for this kind of legacy operating system. I have recently got my new motherboard and hence wanted to test different applications on it starting from the internet browser? Thanks

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    I think the preferred browser for everyone is Mozilla FireFox that enables more recent Flash and Java components. For email you can use Outlook Express which is more user friendly than Thuderbird if you would compare. You can even try the Opera browser which is working under Windows 98SE without any issues. So, with the built in Internet Explorer browser you can also install Firefox and Opera and get to know each of them, so that you will come to know which do you really like.

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    Well, you can get the firefox version 1.5 or can still using Internet Explorer. I recommend firefox which comes with many extensions that you can play with. Browsers are clearly not equal in terms of HTML5. Especially because IE and Firefox on some sites may use the graphics card to increase performance.

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