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Thread: Tips to choose a good Surround Sound System

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    Tips to choose a good Surround Sound System

    Everyone love to had some rich audio/video device connected to their home theater system for great multimedia experience. Ample of time we go for good DVD or Blu ray players, but we do not attach a Surround Sound System. This system is capable of bring Cinema kind of experience in your living room. Great audio output is one of the best features which cannot be ignored. You might be having a HDTV but the existing audio will never satisfy you. Leaving the movies aside, if you are a music lover then surely you will stay unhappy to some point. In this article I am going to list you some tips to get the best Surround Sound System in the market. Leaving the cost aside, it is better to emphasis more on the features. Because that is the thing which matters the most. New technology has enhanced the audio device to great extent. High end surround sound system are capable of giving you rich audio output with real effects. What matters is to check simple assembling and easy to use option.

    A surround sound system works in colloboration of different speaker which works separately. Each speaker is designed to give out a different kind of output so that you get proper effects on your ears. The one which we can expereince in theaters. So here it is essentail first to understand the setup. Because that will be complicated to manage. In order to setup a good surround system your speaker placement is the one that all matters. A regular surround system comes with set of 5 speakers which function separately. This is the minimum sets available. Lower than that will not give you the kind of output you are expecting. So better look for the one that has a set of 5 speakers atleast. Among which there is a front center speaker, front left, right front, left rear and righ tcenter. Some home theater system also gives you a separate center speaker also. Now there are two type of surround system. One that comes with Player and one which do not. The one that comes with Player has hassle free connectivity and more features, while one that comes without it, relies on your TV or other player for audio settings.

    Things you should consider for a good surround sound system:
    • Set of different speakers with a powerful bluray/dvd/amplifier which can control the audio and give theater like experience.
    • Good sound system powered by latest technology for different sound effects.
    • Proper Speakers enough to produce surround sound.
    • Remember the higher number of speakers you have, the higher will be power requirements.
    • Looks for hassle free connectivity options. More cables more mess.
    • Checkout for features like Dolby Digital, HD Audio, etc.
    • The player that comes with the surround system offers you a dedicated playing channel. Checkout for different connectivity options on the same.
    • Minimum 5.1 Audio channel

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    Re: Tips to choose a good Surround Sound System

    Check the below link. In the below link you can see Sony BDV-E3100 home theater system. It is a full fledged home theater system that offers you a complete surround sound home theater experience. It offers you hd video output with a dedicated blu ray player with Bluetooth, wifi and lan connection. So that you can watch videos on YouTube also.

    Sony BDV-E3100 5.1ch Blu Ray Home Theater System

    Sony BDV-E3100 Video Review

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    Re: Tips to choose a good Surround Sound System

    In terms of home theater system everything is costly. Nothing is cheaper. So if you do not want to compromise in the audio quality then I will recommend to go for some of the best one available in the markets. At a reasonable point it is quiet better to go for a audio system which comes with a player. Without a player will be complicated to manage.

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