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Thread: Yahoo Messenger Star Wars Edition !

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    Yahoo Messenger Star Wars Edition !

    What is Yahoo! Messenger - Star Wars Edition?

    Yahoo! Messenger - Star Wars Edition is the first co-brand version of Yahoo’s new Web Messenger. It is a Star Wars themed instant messenger service that you can access from the internet.

    Now World of Star Wars users have our own place to chat on the web with a co-brand version of Yahoo! Messenger for the Web - Yahoo! Messenger - Star Wars Edition.

    There is nothing to download and every Yahoo! user is all ready to use it. Simply go to and start chatting now.

    There are Star Wars themed emoticons for you to discover and send to your friends - anyone using Y! Messenger can see them, but only users of the special Star Wars Edition can send them! So get on your Star Wars avatar gear and head over now. Send your friends some of the emoticons you see above, and try to find some hidden super combo emoticons too. Match them up and click on the pair... they're worth the extra work!

    Start chatting now!!

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    Re: Yahoo Messenger Star Wars Edition !

    I like this version, but the only things they need to give out all the emoticons and everything at one place so they can easily be used just like normal ones in the downloaded yahoo version.

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    Re: Yahoo Messenger Star Wars Edition !

    Kool man...! I just checked it out... It looks awesome. Did you notice that if you are using the starwars edition and when you IM any of your buddies they too get the start wars emoticons and environment...! Now thats multi-compatibility...

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    Re: Yahoo Messenger Star Wars Edition !

    Nice messenger wasn't working so i'm using this one now... but they should make it as a setup software so we can download it on our computers ...

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