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Thread: Enhance Windows Vista Speed

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    Enhance Windows Vista Speed

    Many users complain that Windows Vista is the speed of the system, is that unlike Windows XP, Windows Vista requires a lot of hardware, otherwise the system becomes very heavy, and when the interface is activated Aero the resources used by the system are even greater.

    I personally do not use Windows Vista because it still has many problems, I even tried a few days but still does not seem a good option to use, it has many problems, especially with the compatibility of software ... I'm pretty happy with Windows XP and its stability.

    5 points by which the speed of Windows Vista can improve considerably:

    • Disable Windows Vista Search Index feature.

      This is a new feature of Windows Vista called Windows Desktop Search: Indexing "is that this option will create and maintain an index of your PC on your desktop which decreases the performance of the operating system.

    • Add a 2GB flash device for use in 'Ready Boost'

      Windows ReadyBoost is a new feature of Windows Vista, and that is one of the most relevant. Its operation is based on that you can use your memory stick as a pendrive. Make the most of this feature and get more memory for you to work comfortably.

    • Turn off automatic disk defragmentation

      While you're using Windows Vista, it becomes a so-background-automatic disk defragmentation which undoubtedly loaded your operating system.

    • Turn off hibernation in Windows Vista

      Hibernation in Windows Vista PC is also a factor to make it slower operating system. If you do not have a laptop that really need this feature it off now.

    • Disable Remote Differential Compression

      This feature of Windows Vista is to determine what makes the alterations between equipment in a network to synchronize time transfers optimally.

    Here is one more guide to improve its performance: Improve Windows Vista Performance

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    Re: Enhance Windows Vista Speed

    Thanks for the nice tips, i have also experience that disabling the indexing service make the vista speed faster. Also if anyone using the google desktop then removing that will make your pc faster ,because Google desktop eats up CPU power indexing your files too.

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