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Thread: Online Radio not working on Internet Explorer

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    Online Radio not working on Internet Explorer

    I am trying to stream some online radio on Internet Explorer which does not looks to be working. I had tried opening different sites but there is nothing on the screen. I want to know what can be the reason behind this. I am using the latest version of this browser but still I am facing the issue and I am not able to find any fix for the same. I refresh the site a number of time but it shows me nothing. So I need some help to make it work. I am new to Windows 8 and it is already confusing me a lot. Does IE is buggy with online radio streaming.

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    Re: Online Radio not working on Internet Explorer

    I think you must try switching your browse. Try using something else like Firefox or Chrome and then check in that. I am not a much IE fan. I had always faced problem on that when it comes to audio or video streaming. It is a bit complicated all the time to troubleshoot it. The best thing you can do is change your browser and use a better one. I think Firefox is the best one. It is fast and easy to use and many sites support on that. Especially when it comes to multimedia. I had seen around that IE is having a lot of bugs with new kind of sites. So better to use a nice browser.

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    Re: Online Radio not working on Internet Explorer

    What exact error you are facing. Depending on that you can fix the issue. Like sometime the issue is with the plugins. So you just have to update that and it will fix the issue. Like you can update the flash plugins. Some sites need to add extra plugins to stream the audio and video. You have to check the site for more information where they will tell you to add the plugins and it will start working. If IE is blocking anything you will see a popup on the top side. There is a security bar. You just have to add that plugin and refresh the web. And then test back.

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    Re: Online Radio not working on Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer is not that speedy or best browser as compare to chrome and firefox or opera or safari. I would say try to run online radio in some another browser instead of internet explorer.

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