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Thread: How to print a full web page to jpeg file in Chrome

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    How to print a full web page to jpeg file in Chrome

    I am having some maps in Google Chrome. When I take a printout of the same I get a small portion only. Others all are missing. I want to make a jpeg file of this and I will move that in my tablet. This will help me to have a full map that is easy to navigate and check. I am not able to find which is the best way of using Chrome for a full page jpeg print. I can find pdf convertors for a website and I do not want that. I want something that can help me to create simple jpeg files and that also of entire page. No matter how bit it is. I had pinned a few places on the map. It is very hard to understand the same if I print them in small parts.

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    Re: How to print a full web page to jpeg file in Chrome

    I do not think there is any addon available for chrome that allow you to take a web page print and export file in the form of jpeg format. You have to rather use a screenshot software which is available. Through screenshot you can take a copy of the entire page and save that in any place. The image is lightweight. You can try using Web page captures from browser. It is a free software and works well with a full page web print. This addon is available for various other browsers also. Like Firefox, Chrome, etc. Just install this and test out. I am quiet sure it will be enough to give you a nice support.

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    Re: How to print a full web page to jpeg file in Chrome

    There are two plugins I am using on Chrome for this purpose. First one is Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate. This one is a free tool that will help you to take a nice screenshot of entire page. You have to click on that and choose what type of output you want. It will auto scroll the page and generate a image of the same. The second one is Clipular. I think you must use this. This tool will help you to take a simple and easy to use screenshot of any page. You can generate clips and you can share that instantly with your friends. It is a nice bookmarking based option to share files on the social networking sites.

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