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Thread: Internet Explorer 11 Preview locks up constantly

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    Internet Explorer 11 Preview locks up constantly

    I have recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 11 Preview in my Windows 8.1 Preview operating system and since then no matter what I do, the browser keeps locking up every now and then. I have to start Task Manager to close it properly. After that when I open up IE11 again then it will ask me to restore and if I either do it or not, after sometime it will lock up again? Is there any fix for this issue? Thanks

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    Re: Internet Explorer 11 Preview locks up constantly

    Internet Explorer 11 Preview still is in beta stages so you can expect problems like lock ups, freezing, etc; of this browser quite often. Until a final version of IE11 is released, you should be using other internet browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome. There are other browsers also like Opera and Safari but the best browsers out of this would be chrome.

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    Re: Internet Explorer 11 Preview locks up constantly

    The problem that you are facing might be happening because of the incorrect values that are assigned to properties of a RegExp object when Internet Explorer 11 Preview performs regular expression pattern matches. These incorrect values result in incorrect functional behavior of the webpage, and cause Internet Explorer 11 Preview to freeze or crash. So to solve this issue you will need to install update 2866512, just go to this link for more information -

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    Re: Internet Explorer 11 Preview locks up constantly

    Even I was facing similar kind of issue with this Internet Explorer 11 browser but I was able to solve this issue by following a method that was given on the microsoft website. All you need to do is open Internet Explorer and then go to Internet Options > Advanced tab and then scroll down to enable enhanced protected mode and then uncheck this feature, thats it, you will not face anymore lock ups of IE11.

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