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Thread: Antec VP500PC 500W PSU

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    Antec VP500PC 500W PSU

    Antec VP500PC costs around Rs.3000 approx. This power supply falls in the entry level segment offering a cost effective solution for regular pc. Antec has some of the best power supply models. The company works more on the technical part offering reliable and long lasting products. Now it is not possible to add a high end power supply in every pc. For day to day usage, we usually have an entry level or a mid range system in office or home. For flawless output you need a reliable psu unit that can offer a decent power output. Here Antec VP500PC 500W tries to fulfill the need. It not only gives you a power efficiently but also some industrial grade features that helps your hardware to perform well for longer period. Compared to few other models Antec VP500PC 500W might be a bit costly, but the feature it offers is value for money. This psu is ideal for home and office pc. And there is a different product model for gaming pc available by Antec also. We will be checking in more detail about performance and features of Antec VP500PC. Before that let's have a detailed look on its features.

    • 500W Continuous Power - Guaranteed 500W of Continuous Power from Antec
    • Up to 82% efficient - To reduce your electricity bill
    • AQ2 - Antec Quality 2-year warranty and lifetime global 24/7 support
    • 120 mm Silence - Whisper-quiet high-quality fan with long lifetime
    • Thermal Manager - An advanced low voltage fan control for optimal heat & noise management
    • Multi PCI-E - 2 PCI-E connectors for multiple GPU support
    • CircuitShield - Full suite of industrial grade protections
    • Heavy-duty Caps - High-performance capacitors ensure tightest DC stability and regulation
    • ErP Lot 6 - Compliant to the toughest energy standard available
    • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC)
    • MTBF >= 100,000 hours


    Antec 500W PSU

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    Re: Antec VP500PC 500W PSU

    Design & Features:

    Antec 500 PSU

    Antec VP500PC 500W has a good quality build. Also performance wise it is a trusted PSU. Being an entry level solution, still Antec VP500PC 500W has some good industrial grade features. Like a thermal manager. This helps the PSU to perform better on extreme use by optimizing the fan voltage. But it is not really recommended if you are having a graphics card in your system. For low end usage it might work well. But if you need a better gaming resolution then it is recommended to go with higher one. Antec VP500PC 500W has a 120mm fan. This is a kind of noise cancellation fan that does not disturb you much. It is officially marked as a quite fan in the specification and performance wise also it works well.

    Antec PSU

    The body consists of grill type view that offers you a look inside the psu circuit. There is a power port and on/off button. Antec VP500PC 500W offers you different type of connectivity options. The entire list is below. It is ideal for all kind of pc. But as usual if you are having a dual gpu or a high end graphics card then you have to switch to some other model. Because this power supply will fell a bit short on optimum power output.
    • 1 x 24pin
    • 1x 8 Pin (4+4)
    • 2x 8 Pin (6+2)
    • 1x 6 Pin PCI-E
    • 3x Molex
    • 8x Sata
    • 1x Floppy

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    Re: Antec VP500PC 500W PSU


    Antec VP500PC offers a nonstop power. It is designed to give you long lasting output. It happens that most of us do not invest much on the power supply unit. That can be due to less awareness. But here if you checkout Antec VP500PC 500W PSU you will find that you are getting better psu than a regular model. The price might be higher but for your system output this things are needed. Poor power output can affect hardware life. Antec commonly implies some great feature on every model which makes it more efficient than others. If you leave the price factor aside, then you are getting an upgraded psu unit that is capable of offering maximum performance. To clarify that, Antec also gives you a 2 year Antec Quality warranty with lifetime support. So here you have to worry less if somehow the product stops working due to same reason or not offering you maximum output. You can get it replaced or you can just contact the tech support for help.

    Antec VP500PC has a huge 120mm fan. This fan manages to keep the circuit cool at the time of usage. But this does not mean it is noisy. The psu has a thermal manager that simply manages the fan voltage control so that maximum heat can be drawn out and at the same time heat can also be controlled. For graphics card it comes with dual pci-e power port but I do not really think Antec VP500PC will be a good choice for multi gpu pc. It will perform well with single graphics card. The psu has heavy duty capacitor that tries to maintain maximum stability.


    Antec VP500PC costs around Rs.3000 approx. There might be a minor fluctuation depending on the seller. For those who want a reliable power supply solution can go with this model. There might be cheaper models, but it won't guarantee you a good hardware life. And also there might be warranty issues on them. Antec on the other hand offers Antec Quality warranty of 2 years with life time support. The psu on other hand is designed with heavy duty elements, so that you can get long lasting output. Antec VP500PC 500w is ideal for office and home pc both. It has enough amounts of different connectivity options also.

    • Great Performance
    • Antec Quality 2 years warranty
    • Industrial grade design

    • Costly
    • No effective for gaming

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