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Thread: AsiaPower Power Sound 501 Earphone

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    AsiaPower Power Sound 501 Earphone

    AsiaPower Power Sound 501 is an affordable gaming headphone that comes with a bit better bass output. If you are looking for a headphone that is bit stylish in looks and has a good sound volume then AsiaPower Power Sound 501 is a better choice. The speaker costs around Rs.250. It comes with a long wire and simple color. The headphone is also good for talking. It comes with mic and single button that can be used for picking or for disconnecting the phone call. Power Sound 501 falls under in-ear headphone category. It provides you a bit good ear grip when you are using the same. Gaming headphone usually means a good amount of sound quality. It is not just limited to the volume, but with the sound effects that you apply through an Equalizer.

    After testing out AsiaPower Power Sound 501 I am quite satisfied from its output. It is not bad from any angle. The sound is nice here and also it gives nice bass output when you set the equalizer on bass boost. Especially for those who love to listen on high volume. At bass boost, the sound is amazing on devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 2. But the same sound quality is not so amazing when you connect the earphones to a low end device. For pc I am quite sure the headphone drivers can get damage if you keep the volume to max. There is certain limitation on max volume of a headphone. Compared to pc, the audio volume frequency of pc is lot higher that can damage the drivers. So I do not really prefer to use such headphone on a pc at full volume.

    • Headset Frequency Response - 20 - 20000 Hz
    • Headset Impedance - 16 ohm
    • Headset Sensitivity - 96 dB/mW (Power On)
    • Headset Design - In the Ear
    • Wired/Wireless - Wired
    • Compatible Devices - Mobile
    • Type of Headset - Earbud
    • Color - Blue/Red

    AsiaPower Power Sound 501


    AsiaPower Power Sound 501 looks nice. It comes with flat cable. It is long enough, that can let you to keep your phone in your pocket or on the desk. Being a wired headphone one of the biggest problem lies is to manage it properly. It gets tangled easily whenever you keep the same in your pocket or bag. AsiaPower Power Sound 501 is not having special provisions for that. It comes with a straightforward yet stylish design. The flat cable is somewhat impressive here. It remains less thick when you keep it in your pocket. The cable length is around 1.2 meters. Such a long cable is suitable when you will be using the same on your pc or if you are really very tall.

    AsiaPower Power Sound 501

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    Re: AsiaPower Power Sound 501 Earphone

    Thin blue cable is not durable. Avoid stretching it. The ear buds provide a nice grip when you fix them. It does not sleep out easily. The earphone does not come with any extra ear buds. I had seen a few earphones in the same price range that comes packed with different size of extra ear buds. So that if this one does not fit well you can replace it. The regular 3.5mm audio jack is used for connectivity and there is a control button at the center. This one includes Mic. Mic quality is nice here. A single silver button manages the calls and music. It can be used for calling and disconnecting a call. And for music it can only be used to play and pause. You cannot skip a song through that. This is a feature that I am quite missing a lot in this earphone.

    Powersound 501 Headphone

    Audio Output:

    AsiaPower Power Sound 501 is very much similar to traditional headphone. The sound is worth here comparing to the regular one that we can find easily at a lot more cheaper price. It is also a good earphone for watching movies and playing games. Asia Power marks this under a Gaming earphone series that means you get a bit amplified sound if you are having a good Smartphone or tablet. In low end phone the audio quality is limited due to simple sound processor. But in high end phones like Note 2 this is more amplified and better. I had seen the difference clearly between an entry level phone which is Lenovo A369i and Note 3. The earphone itself does not have any portable sound amplification where it won't be managing the quality from its own end. Whatever effects you will get purely depends on the device sound processing. Volume is also reasonably high on AsiaPower Power Sound 501.


    AsiaPower Power Sound 501 is a good earphone for mobile phones and tablets. It has long cable that adds a bit easy of usage and also it is good in looks. It comes with a control button that lets you to connect/disconnect call or play/pause an audio playback. There are not much features. I was expecting few extra ear buds in the package. So that if it does not fit well you can change the ear buds and use it. The cost of AsiaPower Power Sound 501 lies around Rs.250 approximately while some seller on Flipkart is also selling it for Rs.230. It is better to watch among different sellers before buying it. AsiaPower Power Sound 501 would be a lot better earphone if it had an additional control button to skip a song or a mute button. The earphone works very well on a mid range volume and with proper equalizer settings.

    • Good Audio Quality
    • Stylish Look

    • No Extra Ear buds
    • No Skip song button

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