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Thread: MTNL 3G Jadoo

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    MTNL 3G Jadoo

    MTNL With 3G mobile services has now entered a whole new world of mobile phones and experience things that existed only in the imagination. MTNL brings the future of mobile telephony. Indian audience was in a long queue for the 3G network. The joy of their users wait finally ended for BSNL & MTNL announced the 3G services in the country earlier this month. BSNL first to introduce 3G services, but in the absence of BSNL here in Mumbai, we kept playing mumbaiikars Holding. Finally, our patience paid off when asked their existing MTNL Dolphin prepaid subscriber’s free 3G trial. I have all the games for free & fast to activate the 3G version. After all, who would miss free unlimited calling to the activation charges Rs.300.

    Video calling
    : With 3G, you will not hear the voice of their loved ones, but also watch them live together. Enjoy face to face conversations with friends or business partners, even if you are miles apart.

    High speed broadband internet connection: Experience super speed browsing at work, at home or on the road with 3G broadband speeds. Download music, videos, video clips, games and more at speeds never before with 3G access to the world of the Internet on their mobile phones anytime and anywhere.

    MTNL 3G service is available both in prepaid and postpaid plans. Existing MTNL mobile phone subscribers can use 3G mobile services without changing numbers. With 3G services subscriptions will continue to use existing 2G services also connected.

    Activation was only a matter of sending an SMS and 3G services have been activated in one hour. MTNL clear that only local video calls are free, but viewing was not. I think users who are subscribing to 3G services will be most happy to see how video works such as browsing, which should be quick over 3G networks.

    I browse my phone book and dial the contact number of your best friend, who is also a dolphin prepaid subscribers. After waiting the call is connected and I was able to see and hear my dear friend on my cell phone screen. It was a moment of joy. The sound quality is fine, but the video was pulled at the time, especially in low light.
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    Re: MTNL 3G Jadoo

    Watch Live TV to Mobile MTNL 3G
    Now you did not miss your favorite soap, cricket and other TV programs when away from home for some work or while you are travelling. MTNL launched Mobile TV, which allows you to watch live television on mobile reality.

    Mobile TV is offered for all prepaid and postpaid 2G / 3G customers of MTNL. Currently it is having forty channels and there is much more to add. Customers need to download the mobile TV application and they can download it by using any of the following two ways:

    1. They can download it by sending SMS “MOBILETV” to 53388, then a URL link will be provided by using the URL user can download the application.
    2. The other way is to use MTNL wap page from there you can download the application directly.
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    Re: MTNL 3G Jadoo

    Charges details are given below.
    1. All channels except the premium channels can be accessed at the price of Rs 150 per month.
    2. If you need only one channel then you have to pay Rs 50 per month.
    3. If you want only one channel per day then the charges are Rs 10
    One thing is disappointing that currently this application can only be downloaded on the Nokia phones but very shortly it can be downloaded on other phones.

    Pros: It provides a good speed
    Cons: It is very expensive

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    Re: MTNL 3G Jadoo


    The best thing I can tell you about MTNL 3G is that you will get a really nice experience about the latest technology support. MTNL lacks in customer service support and that is the negative points. MTNL plans to provide the 3G Jadoo service but there is lot of question that arising for network coverage. Being a public limited company that might be possible that they plan to give a nice service and invest good amount. For Mumbai this can be good news for that.

    MTNL has greater coverage area in market and stands still to the various competitions. The other companies might offer you best services but I will thus recommend having to look on everything. The one thing which MTNL plans to give you is High Speed Broadband Internet and Video conferencing services.

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