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Thread: Cydia Tweaks for iPad

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    Cydia Tweaks for iPad

    I hope that most of you are already able to find out several hacks or tweaks for ipad 2 or original ipad. I don’t think that everyone’s tweaks will be same. There must be some kind of differentiation among them. So far I have got these only:
    • Barrel 2 (puts animations while swiping among application pages)
    • Bigify+ (resize/rotate applications)
    • BrowserChanger (modifies default browser)
    • FoldersInFolders
    • Graviboard (affect significance to springboard)
    • Iconoclasm (modify organization of application rows/columns)
    • Retinapad (force iPhone applications to demonstrate within iPad mode)
    • Winterboard (apply themes)
    • Dreamboard (“”)

    Is there any other left over there? Does anybody want to share them now?

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    Re: Cydia Tweaks for iPad

    None other than Grant "chpwn" Paul has now published a tweak in Cydia, unlock at least for the jailbreak community, the iPad version of the Facebook app again. Once the normal Facebook app has found space on your iPad, you can search in Cydia to install and face forward. Then you have already run the native version iPad iPad inst. A new source in Cydia will not be added to this course. How long these works will still cannot be said for the current time. But also all non-Jailbreaker should not hang their heads, because ultimately the iPad version coming in the near future officially in the App Store, where there are no more problems.

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    Re: Cydia Tweaks for iPad

    You have an iPad? It is jailbroken? But you do not know what to install on it without being sure it is working properly and to avoid a restore? Do not worry; here is the solution, a list of tweaks available on Google docs in this very spot. The doc paper presents a fairly complete list of jailbreak applications available with a color code defining program compatibility with your toy to the bitten apple. Search on Google for it and I hope that you surely going to get that entire list.

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    Re: Cydia Tweaks for iPad

    RetinaPad is a new tweak available on Cydia, and allows improving the way iPad X2. This allows the iPad has launched an app iPhone / iPod Touch has a bigger resolution. So that you end up with apps fuzzy and ugly. But now it's over! This tweak improves the quality, making it less pixelated, and it works thunder. RetinaPad CydiaStore is available at € 2.99. The differences on the implementation iFonesoft 3.6: (normal left, with RetinaPad right)

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    Re: Cydia Tweaks for iPad

    Yesterday Ryan Petrich has split the Tweak mail published for iPad, which also during TweakWeek Challenge was created. With the split mail for iPad tweak you can use the Mail app in portrait mode in the split view. Mail for iPad is split only for the modified and the Mail app, so you can view the mails in the split view. The tweak you can download for free you from the BigBoss repository. Addiction to split mail for Wii and you install this tweak.

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    Re: Cydia Tweaks for iPad

    I have some tweaks here:
    • iFile is the best file manager for iPad. The application allows you to explore all the system files on your shelf, create files or folders or change the permission of some files.
    • Activator is one of the most downloaded applications on Cydia. It can change countless options on your iPhone. For example, you can create gestures for a specific action you choose.
    • If you have an iPad equipped with 3G connectivity, FaceBreaker allows you to make use of FaceTime on 3G in addition to Wi-Fi
    • CyDelete fixes this and permits you to get rid of Cydia tweaks in the same method as apps from the App Store.
    • Go Native is a great tweak that will permit apps that do not support multitasking of iOS 4 can do just that.
    • RetinaPad solves blurry image problem by enabling the images of the iPhone Retina 4 on the app.

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    Re: Cydia Tweaks for iPad

    Last week finally opened its doors to hackers comex millions of iDevices to JailbreakMe also via the iPad to crack 2nd Meanwhile, the only negative point in the jailbreak scene, is that tweaks are adjusted only after a considerable time to the new IOS versions or iDevices, in part, the developers simply do not have time or are no longer interested in the project, what it means for us of course difficult to make in-store Cydia keep track of myself.

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