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Thread: My droid is slowing down

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    My droid is slowing down

    Hello all! I am having Motorola Droid and I just love this phone very much. It was my first Android phone and I am loving it. I have purchased it two to three months ago and now it think that is has gone too old. When I purchased it was very fast and all the process very working fast. But now as the time is passing my droid is getting slower and slower. So can someone please suggest me what is to be done?

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    Re: My droid is slowing down

    Yes you are right buddy!!... I had purchased some time before and now it is going terribly slow. When I started off with the phone after using the nokia phones for the long time, Android was just too amazing for me. It ran all the applications so fast and so wonderfully. But now I think that my nokia phone was much faster because Android is just aching for me now. Can anyone make it fast again. Thanks

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    Re: My droid is slowing down

    No the Android is just very amazing and it will not slow down if you have used it properly. But you are not the care taker then it might get messed up. The phone (also computers) slows down because of the number of applications running at the background. You cannot see them but they eat up your memory and your phone slows down. Goto the setting and then the applications. Just kill those applications which you do not need.

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    Re: My droid is slowing down

    You can download the ‘Spare parts’ from somewhere and install it on to your phone. I doubt if it is available for free, but this application will show you which other applications are using how much memory of your phone and slowing it down. So get this app. See the memory usage and get all the unwanted apps that you do not need. This can be the reason for slowing down your phone.

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    Re: My droid is slowing down

    I think you have too much into your phone to be handled. Because same was the case with me. I had lots and lots of things into my phone which were eating up the memory but at that time I was not aware of that. But now I can tell you that make sure you have enough memory space available for the things in the phone. Clear your cache memory, delete un wanted apps, clear your text etc.

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    Re: My droid is slowing down

    You can also get the Launcher Pro from the internet. I had purchased it but the free version is also available in the market. Get that as it is very good App. I was also have the same problem and i had to wait and wait for the things to get loaded up in the phone. But now my problem has been solved after getting the Launcher Pro. You also try it as it can help you out also.

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    Re: My droid is slowing down

    Yes if you do not have proper knowledge then you usually jumble up the things and spoils out your new device. This is natural human tendency and I am also one of you. But once you get knowledge then the things are much simpler. So for now you can also go to the customer service and get your phone formatted or you can also perform the factory reset as these can also help you to solve out your problems.

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