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Thread: 192 GB Gresso wearable pendant Usb

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    192 GB Gresso wearable pendant Usb

    Gadgets becoming jewelry is getting more common and why shouldn’t it? It makes toting around our gadgets that much easier. But making it look halfway decent to look at and still be functional is the trick. The Gresso wearable pendant manages to do it right. It houses a whooping 192 GB USB, carved out of 200-year-old African wood.

    It’s a nice departure from the usual Swarovski studded piece. In three angles, it houses three 64 GB USB drives. Sadly for the ladies wanting one, it is limited to just 99 pieces being manufactured. The Gresso ENIGMA comes in two different styles. The star shaped “Constellation” and triangular ” Labyrinth”. Each comes with a strap for wearing as a jewelery pendant. The price is 5000 Euros.


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    It would def. serve any females to gift his geek boyfriend.. lol

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