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Thread: Rooting vs relying on stock rom

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    Rooting vs relying on stock rom

    What do you really prefer. I am having a Nexus device which is almost a year old. And the warranty is almost over. Now I have seen that there are many roms on the web that can be installed on nexus. But I am quiet stuck to decide that should I go ahead with rooting or not. Or relying on stock rom will be good as I want to use it for long time or if I am planing to resell the same. The device is not in warranty at all so what should I do.

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    Re: Rooting vs relying on stock rom

    By rooting you can do more experiments on the phone. And you can install the latest android system even if it is not released for the device. Like the Lollipop rom. This one is now available on different format and works only on those phone which are rooted. You can find ample of great rom for Nexus type of phone. Because it is loaded with a good hardware set. And it will run various types of roms and applications quiet easily. What is the exact model you have. On that basis I can give you suggestion whether to go with a rom or not.

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    Re: Rooting vs relying on stock rom

    There is one good part of having Nexus devices. Google officially give you stock rom that you can download and install in your system. Stock roms are available on the official site of Google Nexus. And installing them is lot more easier. You just have to configure android adb in your system and then you can restore the original state of your device back as it was. So I will quiet suggest you to go ahead with rooting and testing out various roms. In other brands it is very hard to restore the stock rom back as there is no official process to do the same.

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