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Thread: Artic Silver 5 for overclocking Core i5

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    Artic Silver 5 for overclocking Core i5

    I was referring a guide for overclocking. And that guide says that to keep the cpu temperature in control you have to add a good quality thermal compound. By searching on few sites I found Artic Silver 5. It looks to be the best one. To use a good thermal paste is essential if there is only air cooling support. Not liquid cooling. So I thought better to ask first. I am going to order soon but before that I want to know is that worth buying or not. Or should I stick with the regular one. I had not yet done overclocking on my system.

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    Re: Artic Silver 5 for overclocking Core i5

    Just adding a thermal paste is not the most safest thing in overclocking. You have to verify and test that your system would be able to stand overclocking pressure or not. It happens quiet commonly people just overclock and damage their system. Many high end system comes with Turbo boost utility. This utility will auto overclock your cpu on the basis of requirement. Like when you are playing games. Artic Silver 5 is a good thermal compound. But first run some benchmarking test and then go ahead with doing stuff.

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    Re: Artic Silver 5 for overclocking Core i5

    Overclocking is good if you keep things under limited usage. Like using the minimum rate to overclock and having the best cooling option in our pc. Arctic Silver 5 is an great product and it works really well. It is not going to a very high difference in cooling. You can expect around 4 to 5 degrees difference with your regular air cooler after applying the paste. It is also a costly one. So just take care that you don't waste it. It is an right advice that you must test your pc before doing overclocking. Because it can cause problem. That will give you a report whether your pc can stand in overclocking or not.

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