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Thread: Mac won't send mails

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    Mac won't send mails

    I have a trouble, that is Mac won't send mails. I have different email accounts and i'm using the default Mail package which is included with Leopard. The problem is Mac keeps the mails in the outbox but wont send it. This doesn't happen always, but when i have some important work to do and this happens, it really pisses me off. Please advice friends.

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    Re: Mac won't send mails

    Hey, I think the problem might b with something else, try to check if your internet is not having any issues. If the internet connection is down and you try to send any mail, it will sit in the outbox till the internet is connected. Also check, your account is properly configured, else this could be an issue too. Did you configure any new email account on mail? If yes, then you might want to check if it is configured properly.

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    Re: Mac won't send mails

    Hey, Thanks for your valuable reply. I have checked the internet settings and it has no problems. I have checked the internet just works fine as it should and i can use iChat and also i can surf the net with Safari, but the problem stays exclusively with the mails only. Do i need to re-install Mac or i have to reinstall Leopard altogether? Please help guys, this problem is frustrating me more day by day. I feel like switching to Windows PC, atleast i will be able to play games...

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    Re: Mac won't send mails

    There are many reasons which may result in such kind of problem. Like slow internet connection. Using too many internet based programs leaving no bandwidth for Mail to send your emails, problem in the Mail configuration, or corrupt software. You can try re-installing mails. But first try this : Delete all the existing mails from the outbox, restart your Mac and check send the mails again. See if it works.

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