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Thread: How to hide a security camera from network

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    How to hide a security camera from network

    It looks like that someone is able to access all the security camera of my IP. And this is done by scanning the IP address through a different software. So I want to know that does there is any way through which we can hide the camera IP from the web. I am quiet sure there will be some way of doing the same.I had tried finding out various software but still the IP of the camera is visible on the lan network. And there can be misuse of the same. I want some help through which I can hide the IP completely.

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    Re: How to hide a security camera from network

    Well I do not think there will be some way to hide the IP of a system. It will be available whenever someone scan it through a third party software. That is one of the most common issue with Windows network. But the same works very well if you are on Linux based operating system. Because there it will work more properly. There are some tools on that where you can have more control over your networking work. But when it comes to windows then there are very few things you can do. You can lock the camera with password which will limit the access.

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    Re: How to hide a security camera from network

    Well that is not completely possible. Because if a device is connected on the windows network and if it is connected through a IP address then it will be visible on the network. There is no way through which you can usually hide the same. It is better if you can simply go ahead with locking that device. Many security camera have their own web access interface where you can add different security password and restricts its usage from others. That will surely guide you and will give you help in fixing the problem.

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