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Thread: Constant taskeng.exe popup on screen in Windows 7

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    Constant taskeng.exe popup on screen in Windows 7

    I am constantly getting a popup of taskeng.exe on my screen. It shows me a windows version and few details. Then I click on the wrong icon to close it. That's it. It appear after every 15 to 20 minutes. It is not stopping. I was removing a few software from my pc to boost its output. But this popup is annoying. It keeps on appearing when I am watching movies and the video get minimized on its own. I am quiet sure this is some kind of virus.

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    Re: Constant taskeng.exe popup on screen in Windows 7

    If you think it is a virus then you can try scanning your pc with a good antivirus under safe mode. The antivirus will locate the threat and will delete it. Here it is recommended to use a nice security pack. Like Norton. If you are using a free antivirus then you can try that also. If it did not find anything then scan back again with some other antivirus. You can download and install a trail pack of Norton and scan through that.

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    Re: Constant taskeng.exe popup on screen in Windows 7

    It looks like a registry issue to me. When you remove a few programs and if the setup fails in between then some files are left in the pc. They trigger automatically and give those kind of popup box. You have to try one registry repair software. There are ample of them online. You can try CCleaner which also comes with registry cleaner. Run that and clean your system. A good registry repairer software will not only clean but it will also fix errors.

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    Re: Constant taskeng.exe popup on screen in Windows 7

    Taskeng.exe is associated with Task Manager. When you hit Ctrl + Alt + Del you get a Task Manager button. This exe file starts when task manager is working in the background. There can be two reason behind this. First you might have some kind of schedule task type of thing. Due to which Task Manager starts on its own and second some associated program that is triggering the same. It is good if you can run system restore to stop this popup box from coming up again and again.

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    Re: Constant taskeng.exe popup on screen in Windows 7

    It can be a virus. Because Task Manager does not starts on its own. There can be malware in your pc. Go in Control Panel and remove any unwanted toolbar or program. Just remove it and restart your pc. System restore will add those program back again. Download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in your pc. This is one of the best anti-malware scanner and it works really well in cleaning this kind of infection. You can get a trail and test that.

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    Re: Constant taskeng.exe popup on screen in Windows 7

    I also think this is some kind of virus. I had got this issue before where I can see only a empty task manager. It starts appearing after installing a few games from torrent. They provide you a crack directory through which you can activate to the full version and play. After adding those crack the task manager popup keeps on appearing. I have to backup and format my pc to stop this problem. You must first backup before doing any troubleshooting stuff.

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