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Thread: How to share a file easily via Linux PC

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    How to share a file easily via Linux PC

    For a quick configuration what can be a better option to share a file on Linux. I have this operating system as an secondary support on the system. Now I had connected to an lan which runs on Linux server. To get a file from that and to move a file from my system the best way is to use an file sharing tool. For that I tried to find out a number of sharing tools which leds to an long installation. For avoiding that can someone notify me an easier way.

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    Re: How to share a file easily via Linux PC

    You can create an accounts between the Samba server and Windows machines. You just need to synchronize it and done. And just take care that the user name and password of a Windows machine on the Samba server must exist with the same name and password. Users who access samba not require access to the command prompt, so no need to assign password with the command passwd. This is the most proper way of file sharing especially large one.

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    Re: How to share a file easily via Linux PC

    I have some easy options for that. Go to System > Administration > Shared Folders and download the required packages. Then add the folders you want to share. Then go in General Properties and put the same Work Group or Working Group where the PCs with Windows you are. Then open the terminal and write and type sudo smbpasswd-a username. Choose a password, retype, and ready. Now you can share your files over lan easily. It is not that complicated.

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    Re: How to share a file easily via Linux PC

    File sharing in Linux is possible through three means. The first one is Samba. It allows sharing of files between a GNU-Linux with a network using Windows protocols. The second one is NFS which allows file sharing networks to Linux and allows the default to mount remote folders shared on the local tree. The third option is SSHFS. This tool allows among other things to navigate through your files securely, even over the internet as if you were local. It is a tool used by over SSH .

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    Re: How to share a file easily via Linux PC

    I was also having the same type of issue. And for that I got a better solution. Rightnow I am using Krusader. For getting that you need to type sudo apt-get install Krusader in the terminal to install the package. This is an file sharing tool which provides you an graphical interface to synchronize folders from ubuntu. The tool i s very comprehensive and can access Windows from there if you have already defined samba on your system.

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    Re: How to share a file easily via Linux PC

    I myself tool find Samba as the most easiest medium of file sharing. If Samba was already installed on your computer then you just need to create a workgroup and done. The same will be then identified with all types of systems. Just add the folder you want to share in your system. Add a user (username / password) that has access to shares: sudo smbpasswd-a user. The user must be an existing user on the Ubuntu system.

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