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Thread: Emails missing from Inbox of Outlook Express 6

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    Emails missing from Inbox of Outlook Express 6

    A number of my emails are not available in Outlook Express 6. I had compacted my inbox but when I tried to retrieve some old mails in 2007 they are not available at all. I am using this from Office 2003 and later on upgraded to Office 2007. The upgrade looks to be fine, but it looks the mails are not available at all. Is this a issue with the new edition or should I keep using Office 2003. Any idea on the same. Thanks.

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    It looks that the new edition of office is not able to read or retrieve the old messages due to which you are getting that error message. I never trust Outlook. It is very slow and laggy sometime when you use more than one account. But compared to that I am found Thunderbird much more effective and fast. I am using this from last 3 years and yet it is working fine. There is no problem at all. I think you must leave Office and get Thunderbird.

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    I am also having the same problem. First of all mails does not disappear unless they are deleted. Another thing you must keep a active backup of all your emails. Because in future you may need it. I compress the old mail box to make more space or simply move old mails to another partition. But at the time of getting them back everything is present. I had kept a different system for old mails. I just transfer them. Try to check the same in Office 2003 if you had kept the version safe.

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