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Thread: Gigabyte G41 pc reboots on its own

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    Gigabyte G41 pc reboots on its own

    I am having two systems at my office and both of them are running on Gigabyte G41 motherboard. There is 160GB hard drive in them with 2GB ram. It was working well but I am unable to figure out what really happened. The system just reboots on its own. Due to which I had lost ample of my unsaved work. I am using Excel here and when I turn the system on the entire edited content is gone. I am trying to find out some help through which I can resolve this issue. I have all updated drivers in the pc but still this thing is not proper.

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    Re: Gigabyte G41 pc reboots on its own

    There might be some issue with the psu in your system due to which you are getting the problem. You have to check that first. You can simply check all the internal connections. Check the psu power cable connected to the processor and motherboard both. And also see the ram if it is fixed well or not. Just remove it, rub the edges and then insert it back again. Put it in same other slot and then try back. I am quiet sure the issue will get resolved. And you can use your pc in proper way. If still it reboots then there can be some hardware fault in the motherboard.

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    Re: Gigabyte G41 pc reboots on its own

    I had seen this issue on my system. And this one is because of loose power cable. There is a power cord which is connected on the backside of the system to the psu. If that connection is loose and if your cpu case shakes it will get reboot on its own. The best thing you can do is get a new power cable and connect that tightly on the backside. See that it does not move. Try not to shake the cpu case. Try to change its place and keep it somewhere else where else near to the power socket and test.

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