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Thread: How to connect a pc to tv that does not has a hdmi port

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    How to connect a pc to tv that does not has a hdmi port

    I am looking for some solution through which I can connect a computer to tv that does not has a hdmi cable. In TV I am having a hdmi cable on the same. But on the pc I am not having a hdmi port. It has a regular VGA port and I am having a lot of movies in it. My TV is not having that port nor there is any kind of usb connection on the same. I had tried looking around for some kind of adapter that does not helped. It is a costly adapter which has ports for console also. But I do not want that one. I want a direct connectivity.

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    Re: How to connect a pc to tv that does not has a hdmi port

    You can find a vga to hdmi adapter that can help you to stream video content directly from the pc to the tv. Many of this cables are working fine. You can buy one from ebay also. The cost of this cable is around Rs.350 that is not very costly. And for the adapter thing you will get a multi port connection which is of no use. A good one will cost around Rs.500. There are many online sites which are selling the same. The benefit of full size adapter is that you get different ports on the same. Just try out the cable once. That would really help.

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    Re: How to connect a pc to tv that does not has a hdmi port

    The output is very bad on the same. I had used this and you will not really like how it looks. The best way is to use some kind of convertor that allow you cable, console and pc connectivity. It also comes with a remote. You can connect the same to the TV and the resolution is lot improved in that. In direct cable connection the resolution is messed up. For better movie experience you must use a hdmi to hdmi connection which is simple and faster. Without that I am not really sure you can get a high definition output.

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