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Thread: Tata Communications Launches Global Content Delivery Network Service Powered By BitGravity

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    Tata Communications Launches Global Content Delivery Network Service Powered By BitGravity

    Tata Communications, a leading provider of a new world of communications, and BitGravity, Inc., a next-generation Content Delivery Network (CDN) for interactive broadcasting, announced today the worldwide launch of Tata Communications’ CDN service powered by BitGravity. With more than 300 points of presence worldwide, Tata Communications now offers the first truly global CDN service on a state of the art, single ASN global IP network throughout Europe, Asia, North America and India.

    Tata Communications, which announced a strategic partnership with BitGravity in March, 2008, has also invested $11.5 million in convertible debt in BitGravity, validating the company’s content delivery platform as a key benefit in Tata Communications’ value-added services offering. In turn, BitGravity has named Tata Communications’ Chief Technology Officer, John Hayduk to its Board of Directors. Tata Communications’ financial backing of BitGravity confirms Tata Communications’ commitment to develop and offer innovative technology solutions to its global customers.

    Tata Communications’ next-generation CDN service, powered by BitGravity’s technology, delivers the highest performance and reliability in the industry while providing immediate access to content, including High-Definition Video, without delay or jitter, and the highest levels of throughput for end users. Fast forwarding, cache clearing, resolution switching and rate throttling are just a few of the features that enable customers to build a robust and engaging application into a Flash Player.

    Tata Communications’ Tier 1 IP presence worldwide combined with BitGravity’s leading technology provides an offering that is unmatched in user experience, performance, quality and reach around the world. Tata Communications is uniquely positioned to offer quality global delivery and support, which enables companies to outsource distribution of Video, Downloads, Music, Games and Multimedia without degradation from Paris to Hong Kong, Bangalore and the Silicon Valley.

    Tata Communications' suite of offerings include Tata Communications CDN, anext-generation CDN designed for a wide range of applications providing the highest performance and reliability on a global scale;Tata Communications CDN Plus andCDN Secure, add value designed for the distribution and protection of media assets; and Tata Communications LiveBroadcast, a high quality, flash-based streaming service for broadcasters of live events.

    For more information on Tata Communications CDN Service powered by BitGravity visit Tata Communications.

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    About BitGravity

    BitGravity has built the first CDN for Interactive Broadcasting, which is optimized to deliver affordable, HD-quality video on demand, live broadcasts, and interactive applications for massive audiences on the Internet. BitGravity’s patent-pending CDN is Tier 1, highly scalable, and delivers the performance that consumers want and expect, including streaming videos that play instantly, and live video with no buffering.

    BitGravity is an award-winning technology provider in the content delivery space. The company has won numerous awards including DemoGod, LightReading's Service Company of the Year, Digital Hollywood 100, RedHerring 100 and AlwaysOn Hollywood 100. Built on top of BitGravity's patent-pending routing architecture, BitCast, BitGravity's services include BitGravity's High-Definition Content Delivery Service, BG Secure and BG LiveBroadcast, the Internet's first affordable, high-quality, massively scalable live product. The company is based in Burlingame, Calif., and is privately funded by Allen and Company, Tata Communications and other investors.

    For more information, visit BitGravity.
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    Some quotes by the officials at the launch of Global Content Delivery Network Service

    Vinod Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, Tata Communications,
    The launch of Tata Communications' CDN service is a major milestone in our strategic roadmap to offer unparalleled managed services globally. We chose to work with BitGravity because it has the best architecture and technology to deliver high quality content and video. Together, Tata Communications and BitGravity's capabilities are a formidable force to deliver high quality content and video.
    Berge Avayzian, Chief Strategy Officer of Yankee Group,
    Video will soon become over 80% of the traffic on the Internet and content delivery will become strategic for every carrier. Carriers without a CDN strategy will inevitably become insignificant and will lose the economy of scale required to be competitive. This is a strategic endeavor for both Tata Communications and BitGravity and sends a bold message to the global CDN market.
    Perry Wu, CEO and co-founder of BitGravity,
    Global reach will be table stakes for content delivery and we are excited to receive funding and support from a strong strategic investor like Tata Communications that will enable us to effectively integrate our CDN architecture with their worldwide backbone and provide an unmatched user experience. Tata Communications' extensive relationships within and outside of the communications industry will accelerate the deployment and penetration of our innovative platform.
    Genius Wong, Tata Communications’ Senior Vice President of Global IP and VPN Services,
    Two essential ingredients of a superior CDN service include a strong IP network providing higher performance, and an efficient, scalable file distribution technology. The design of Tata Communications' CDN service has taken into account these key factors to come up with the industry’s highest performance and reliable IPv4 and IPv6 CDN service.

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    About Tata Communications

    Tata Communications, a member of the $62.5 billion Tata Group, is a leading global provider of a new world of communications. The emerging markets communications leader leverages its advanced solutions capabilities and domain expertise across its global and pan-India network to deliver managed solutions to multi-national and Indian enterprises, service providers and Indian consumers.

    Tata Communications’ range of services include transmission, IP, converged voice, mobility, managed network connectivity, hosting and storage, managed security, managed collaboration and business transformation for global enterprises and service providers, as well as Internet, retail broadband and content services for Indian consumers. The Tata Global Network encompasses one of the most advanced and largest submarine cable networks, a Tier-1 IP network, with connectivity to more than 200 countries across 300 PoPs, and more than 1 million square feet of data center and co-location facilities.

    Tata Communications’ unique emerging market depth and breadth of reach includes a national fiber backbone network and access to network in over 60 cities and 125 PoPs in India, strategic investments in South African converged services operator, Neotel, Sri Lanka and Nepal and, subject to fulfillment of conditions precedent, a 50% ownership in China Enterprise Communications (CEC) providing full country VPN coverage in China.

    Servicing customers from its offices in over 80 cities in 40 countries, Tata Communications is the number one global international wholesale voice operator and number one provider of international long distance, enterprise data and Internet services in India, the Company was named "Best Wholesale Carrier" at the World Communications Awards in 2006, "Best Pan-Asian Wholesale Provider" at the 2006 and2007 Capacity Magazine Global Wholesale Telecommunications Awards and was awarded"Best Progress in Emerging Markets" at the 2008 Mobile Communication Awards.

    Tata Communications Limited along with its global subsidiaries, (Tata Communications), is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India and its ADRs are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. (NYSE: TCL)
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