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Thread: Installing i/o Shield

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    Installing i/o Shield

    Hello, i would like to ask one question , is it really a bad thing if I did not have I/O Shield for my motherboard? Because I recently bought a motherboard and it lacks the one that should have comes with it .please tell me it is necessary or not , it yes, then tell me how to install the i/o shield to it , and where can i get the i/o shield for my motherboard , please help me thanks in advance Thank you.

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    Re: Installing i/o Shield

    Motherboards usually come with a i/o Shield or plate of appropriate configuration , The boxes are usually provided with a common set of plates. After installing the I/O shield from the inside of the case, we could use the back of a screwdriver to push the I/O shield into place

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    Re: Installing i/o Shield

    Checkout this images you will understand it better

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    Re: Installing i/o Shield

    Depending on the size of your motherboard (ATX, Micro ATX, BTX ......) , you have to place the motherboard directly next to the mounting holes, You should also first install the back plate then let the rear connections of the motherboard through it

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