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Thread: Asus motherboard and Antec Power supply

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    Asus motherboard and Antec Power supply

    Hello Guys,

    On my M2N32-SLI Deluxe I have Antec TPQ-850 850W power supply.Well after 3 months the power supply fried and i was wondering that the antec 850 did not have enough wattage on the 3v and 5v rails might have had something to do with this?.I read Asus would support that the PSU did not work with motherboard and could damage it.Does anyone knows anything regarding power supply requirements please let me know. hate to get the power supply and just have it fry again.

    thanks for any valuable suggestions.!!

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    Re: Asus motherboard and Antec Power supply

    Many People says Antec has a better reputation and did not report any issues. Well, that probably not my situation. Stable power at correct voltages is great for reliable operation.people have reported this same issue with other motherboards.Engineers and over clockers know that CMOS chips operate at their highest performance when their power supply voltage is at the upper end of the usable range, and when the chips are cold. Using one of these failed Antec power supplies puts all chips that rely on the 5 volt power at their worst operating condition. The system still runs, and can appear to be normal for quite some time, but reliability is not good.But in your case You are most likely stuck with that power supply since it has been three months. However, I would contact Antec and ask for a replacement. AT that time, talk to them about your particular motherboard and that issue.

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    Re: Asus motherboard and Antec Power supply

    I have seen a lot of reviews form owners 1 month to 1 year that are negative and an awful lot of failures, the review about the Asus board and this supply is a little sketchy with the 1v rail reference and some of the other banter. and it seems low on the 12v total amperage for a supply in that price range.It'll handle most any high-end system you throw at it. Completely untrue. Asus technical support says it's inadequate to power their Striker extreme board: 5v rail needs to be 35 amps, unit provides only 30. 3.3v rail needs to aupply 35 amps, specs say it only supplies 23. 1v rail needs 20 amps, specs say it supplies 18 Asus reveals you can damage your computer using this PSU. Wrote e-mail to Antec asking them to address these problems haven't heard back to them to date. Disappointing reality vs. their reputation. I now have an real expensive doorstop. Go with a more honest company in hyping their products

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    Re: Asus motherboard and Antec Power supply

    You might doubt the exact issue is a simply a computer needing massive power. But indeed that is not the case. This is a "normal" system, and for the sake of these tests, I inserted in a low-power video card and poped out all USB devices that might be using 5 volt power.The 12v rails each are 18amps and there are 4 of them. so there is 72 amps over 4 rails.a lot of amperage but not enough for say a geforce 280.anyways maybe when this next one blows i can get antec to upgrade me while it is in for RMA.

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