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Thread: Customizing XP luna theme

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    Customizing XP luna theme


    i am using windows xp. i have tried lots of theme for win xp but found more comfortable with XP luna theme but now i am looking for some change does Customization in XP luna theme is possible ? is there any way to do it if yes please tell me. thank you.

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    Re: Customizing XP luna theme

    Try looking in the registry key [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ThemeManager]
    Value Name : ColorName
    Value : Metallic

    You may need to write an ADM file to apply this directly during logon, or simply add it to the registry using reg.exe & the next time the kid logs on to that machine the metallic colour scheme will be applied.

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    Re: Customizing XP luna theme

    1. Correct. The 4 buttons that you see are different button states. Here's the correct order:

    • Normal
    • Hover
    • Pressed
    • Disabled (Inactive)

    2. Each one does indeed need a recolor. If I where you I'd also change the colors for the "SpinButtons". They use the same color as the scrollbars.

    3. Open up the visual style in ResEdit. Then go to "TEXTFILE" in the left side bar and then click on "THEMES_INI". Then on the right pane you get to see the text file. Now, underneath the toolbar with the "Delete Resource" buttons etc there's another toolbar. In that toolbar you need to click edit. It'll open up the file in Notepad. If you look at the first section of the text file you'll see a section called "[documentation]". In that section you'll find "ThemeName = Luna". There you can change the name of the visual style to whatever you like to use

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    Re: Customizing XP luna theme

    For painting the buttons with different color try this
    In photoshop Goto -> Image -> Adjustments. In There you can change Hue/Saturation, Colour Balance etc. Just make a note of the settings per colour you like so you can duplicate it on the next button.

    As a slight aside, when I change button colours I usually set opacity to 90%. That 10% of "see through" smooths out/ brings the shine

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