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Thread: How to extract icons from exe file?

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    How to extract icons from exe file?


    There are many impressive icons of the executable files mostly of games as well as of other applications. I wonder if it is possible to extract these icons.
    If possible, how can I extract the icons from these exe files ?

    Any ideas....

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    Re: How to extract icons from exe file?

    Easy Extract Icon (EEI) - It can extract icons from any file! So, if you want to extract an icon from your contacts.doc, you don't need long time search for MS Word executable file, just point to contacts.doc and do extract, it will extract the icon of MS Word!

    This utility easily extract icons from executable files (*.exe, *.dll) and associated icons from any files.

    If an executable file has more than one icon, it can extract all icons that are stored in a file. User may save icons as in current directory where a file is located, as in special defined for icons directory.

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    Re: How to extract icons from exe file?

    How to use

    To extract icons from a file you need make 2 steps:
    1. Choose a file by File|Open command.
    2. Press Extract button (or use corresponding File|Extract command).

    Then program will extract icons from this file. When extracting, program display currently extracting icon, name of the icon, and make a little report.

    Information about path for extraction is in Options dialog.

    Options dialog

    Extract all icons from executable files
    If it is checked, program will extract all icons are stored in an executable file. Otherwise it will extract just one (first) icon. Typically *.exe files have one icon, but *.dll files may be a storage for icons. So if you check this options you may extract all icons from DLLs.

    Extract icons into
    You may extract an icon into the same directory where a file is located, or you may make a separate directory for icons, for example, c:\graphics\icons\

    Current configuration of the program is automatically stored in registry, you don't need to store it separately.

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    Re: How to extract icons from exe file?

    IconsExtract is a cool freeware application that you can use to automatically find icons that are stored in EXE, DLL, OCX, CPL, and other file types. You’ll be amazed at the actual number of icons stored on your computer after using this program!

    The program is a standalone executable and does not require any installation at all, which means you can run it on any computer easily! You can also filter the search by icons or cursors, by icon size, and even by the number of colors.

    You have 2 main search options when you start up the program:
    1. Select only a single file. For example: C:\WINNT\System32\shell32.dll
    You can either manually type in the filename into the textbox, or select it from a dialog box by clicking the “Browse Files” button.
    2. Select multiple filenames by using wildcard characters (? and *). You can select the folder that you want to scan by clicking the “Browse Folders” button. If you check the “Search Subfolders” check-box, all of the subfolders of the main folder will also be scanned.For example: if you type “c:\*.*” in the filename text-box, and check the “Search Subfolders” option, IconsExtract will search for icons in all folders and files on your C: drive.

    After the search is complete, you will find the icons displayed in the main window of the program. You can then save the icons into ICO files by selecting the ones you want to save and then choosing Save Selected Icons from the File menu.

    You can also copy a single icon to the clipboard and paste it into another application by pressing the standard CTRL + C key combo. This will copy the icon in the standard dimensions of 16×16 or 32×32. If you want to copy a different size, double click on the icon and select the specific image in the properties window and click Copy Selected Image.

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    Re: How to extract icons from exe file?

    Frientoosh Icon Extractor is the freeware tool to extract icons from any exe file.It is very easy to use.The icon could be extracted in simple two steps.First,browse for the exe file and second,click on save.It can save the icon in .ico,.cur,.jpg or .bmp format.

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    Re: How to extract icons from exe file?

    Icon Snatcher

    Icon Snatcher is a free 32-bit utility that can extract icon files from any .exe, .dll, or any other type of file. Each icon may be saved in either .bmp or .ico format, or copied to the Clipboard for pasting into your favoritegraphics editor or use the integrated editor.


    -Can now use different file types with external editor.
    -Consolidated options into one dialog.
    -Various other code enhancements.
    -Changed toolbar and menus.
    -Mouse wheel support!
    -Can now use arrow keys to load/navigate file list
    -Changed web page link to our new URL.
    -Changed menu and toolbar.
    -Added a web page
    -Added an icon count to the file list.
    -Revamped Auto-Extraction Wizard.
    -Changed interface slightly.
    -Reduced exe by 110k.
    -Ability to use command line
    -Added right click menu item in
    -explorer menu's for dll and exe files.
    -Ability to resize and maximize form.
    -Ability to resize resource panel.
    -Ability to turn off transparency for GIF format.
    -Added GIF support to Extraction-Wizard.
    -Added ability to launch external editor.
    -Added search options.
    -Will no longer reload a file if you are already viewing it.
    -Ability to save images in GIF format.
    -Ability to save either 32x32 or 16x16 images

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