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Thread: System Volume Information folder grows

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    System Volume Information folder grows

    Last month, the folder "System Volume Information" on domain controllers started to grow. We are on a Windows 2003 with mixed mode and global catalog with all FSMO roles. Everyday a large file is creatd in there, so now the total size of the folder is above 60gb. I have heard this folder is used for storing restore points, so I think it could be backup related. I have done a scheduled task for ntbackup, but its been active since much earlier times and never led to a problem. There doesnt seem to be any errors in any of the event logs as well. Can anyone please help me out? Thanks.

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    I dont think that Ad logs grow as Exchange logs, for instance. This issue is not normal, so you will need to try to do a offline defrag in Ad and check it out. You can also use ntdsutil.exe to do the same thing.

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    To solve this issue, you will need to enable the shadow copy on the drive and then promptly disable it. It will delete all the previous shadow copies from the System Volume Information folder and fixed the issue.

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    Re: System Volume Information folder grows

    I had the same issue on one of my DC's. I fixed it by going into the Shadow Copies properties on the C: drive. Go into Settings and set a maximum size limit. Click OK and OK. You should regain your free space without restarting. I noticed that even with Shadow Copies disabled in the properties, it was still taking up space.

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