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Thread: How to clone boot drive to larger disc with less partitions ?

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    How to clone boot drive to larger disc with less partitions ?

    I am using a new Seagate 320GB Sata hard drive and I want to replace my Seagate Pata 120GB drive with. After cloning the 12 to the 320, I want to use the 120 as a second drive, and might reformat and drop it down to 4 partitions at most. I am looking to increase the size of each current partition to 60gb and decrease the number of partitions from 6 to 5. Can anyone please help me out? Thanks

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    Re: How to clone boot drive to larger disc with less partitions ?

    You can try to use the Acronis True Image which is a good program. It will allow you to clone and move to a larger partition. I have upgraded my laptop from 160gb to 240gb and it is also very simple to use.

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    Until you are multi-booting to lots of operating system, I cannot imagine why anyone would have anywhere near that number of partitions. I think that almost everyone should have either 1 or 2 partitions in total. Two if your backup scheme is data only. One if your backup scheme is to image the drive. With 2 physical drives, a single partition on each is right for almost everyone.

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    Yes, I also think that you should have just few partitions, like for some of the things which is mentioned above. I have the C: partition for all programs, windows and most data. And I also have another partition only for music, and another one for Videos and another one for games. At the time of backup, I can quickly save the critical stuff altogether in one installment by just imaging the C: partition.

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    Follow the below steps:
    1. First of all clone the drive as is onto the new drive and then disconnect the older drive and place the newer drive as the new Drive C:
    2. Now try to merge the required partitions.
    3. After that you need to expand the partitions, using un-allocated space.
    4. Now you can reconnect the older drive after.

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