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Thread: Fax Server information cannot be retrieved

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    Fax Server information cannot be retrieved

    I was able to send and receive Fax from my Windows XP Home edition system. Since today morning it is not working any more though the phone line for computer is separated. Let me tell you that yesterday night I uninstalled Service Pack 2 from this system, could that be the reason of this problem? Today when Im trying to send any fax, it tells me:

    Fax Server information cannot be found and the fax wizard will close now.

    Re-installing the fax also dint helped. Do you guys have any other suggestions please?

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    Re: Fax Server information cannot be retrieved

    Im not sure it could be because of uninstalling SP2, infact I have seen several people facing problem installing Fax server after installing SP2. So that could not be the reason. As far as I know the error you have mentioned above appears when the security data base is corrupted. You can read more about the same here :

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    Re: Fax Server information cannot be retrieved

    I run Win XP and got the same error from the fax wizard saying "Fax Server information cannot be found and the fax wizard will close now." I had been able to send faxes no problem before I installed a wireless router from linksys. After the install, COMODO Firewall detected a new network and asked me to name the network, which I did. My fax service stopped working the very next time I tried.
    I tested telephony and printer/scanner and reinstalled printer, modem, etc. with no luck. Then I did a SYSTEM RESTORE (Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-System Restore) back to a few hours before the router installation and ignored the request by COMODO to recognize the new network. PROBLEM FIXED :-)
    I believe the error was network related in my case. Meaning that I screwed up either the network name or the workgroup name or something like that. Or linksys router software may have thrown a monkey wrench in the works as well. I haven't even bothered to install the linksys software and my connection is fine... go figure.
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