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Thread: PhotoGallery installation

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    PhotoGallery installation

    I bought this laptop a week ago which came pre-installed with Windows XP SP2. Laptop worked well for two days and later whenever I start and reach the desktop, suddenly Windows installer pops up saying it is installing 'PhotoGallery.msi'. After a minute or so, it tells me to insert the Windows CD to complete this installation. Now first of all let me tell that I never asked it to install 'PhotoGallery.msi', second, I donít have windows CD. I dint got it with the laptop.

    I donít have any idea what can I do to stop this windows installer appearing on my desktop itself. Please provide some permanent solution. Many thanks.

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    Re: PhotoGallery installation

    Hello TheTurner. I will suggest you to first of all download and install windows Installer CleanUp Utility from Microsoft DOwnload Center. Run it and select everything you see in the list related to PhotoGallery. Delete everything and restart the system. It will not appear again.

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