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ACPI Driver

Windows XP Support

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Old 25-05-2009
Pastor Dave
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ACPI Driver

Hi! :)

First of all, please remember that what is below the dashes
in my message is my automatically rotating sig file and is
not part of the message.

I say this, because when outside of Christian groups,
I get some responses asking why I'm posting off topic. :)

Anyway... :)

I am running XP x64 and after installing it, I found that it
runs smoother for me than the 32 bit version and of course,
I can see all 4 GB of my RAM.

And just FYI, my Windows XP64 does have SP2 installed,
along with all of the latest updates.

I have a Lenovo Y530-40516GU laptop, but what I'm looking
for probably isn't Lenovo specific and a generic for laptops
will probably work, but I do not know this for sure.

What I do know, is that with a standard desktop PC,
it would not be an issue, but laptops are obviously
done differently, when it comes to power management
and so, here I am. :)

So after installing and looking at Device Manager,
I found that a few devices were "Unknown".

I was however, initially able to find XP64 drivers
for all but two of them, as I looked first, to see
what might not install okay with the initial XP64
installation and got those drivers ahead of time.

All except two of them, that is (in the Details tab):

1) ATK\0100 (which is for the HotKeys, I believe).
I did however, find a driver that worked for
that device, so if anyone needs it, I would
certainly be happy to pass it on. This driver
is not Lenovo specific, but I can't say which
other machines it will work on. But I know
that it is a common issue for folks after they
install XP64 in their laptops.

2) ACPI\2004\0 (which is for Virtual Power Configuration).
I cannot find a driver for this one and have been
scouring the Internet for days now! Does anyone
have this driver? From what I understand, it will
affect the battery life of my laptop greatly! I have
not tried the laptop unplugged yet, since putting
XP64 on, but from what others have reported,
battery life goes down significantly without this
driver installed.

I doubt that the driver has to be Lenovo specific, but that
is of course possible. And Lenovo does not support XP x64.
I have tried the XP 32 bit driver, as well as the Vista 64 bit
driver (those are the two that Lenovo provides) and neither
of those will work for me and I don't want to go back to
32 bit and no offense to anyone running Vista, but I just
cannot stand it! :)

Maybe there's someone here looking for a porting project? :)

And of course, as I said, if anyone needs Driver #1, please
just let me know (you can use the email address here as well)
and I would be happy to send it on to you! :)

Anyway, thanks in advance for your help! :

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Old 05-06-2009
Tae Song
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Re: ACPI Driver


Scroll down to the bottom to accept the license agreement.

This link is for Intel's Infinst_autol.exe file. Download and run it and it
will install drivers and enumerate number of devices under Device Manager.
It will work for Windows Vista 64-bit, I checked.


This one is for ATK\0100 for use on Vista 64-bit.


ACPI for use on Vista 64-bit
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Old 08-06-2009
Pastor Dave
Posts: n/a
Okay, but I am not running Vista. I am running XP64.

I did download it and run it. It said it installed,
but nothing happened.

Thanks for responding, but that doesn't seem to be
the resolution for my issue.

See below also, please...

Again, I am running XP64.

See above.
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Old 09-06-2009
Pastor Dave
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I strongly suspect the notebook is manufactured by ASUS and sold under the
Lenovo brand name. No one else makes laptops/motherboards that uses the
ATK\0100 drivers.
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Old 10-06-2009
Pastor Dave
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Re: ACPI Driver

That is possible. It might have even been an ASUS driver
that I used for the "ATK" device that did work.

Really? Are you absolutely sure about that? I'm serious,
because if that's correct, then maybe I can try an ASUS
driver again for the "ACPI\VPC2004\0" device.

I did try an ASUS driver for it already and it didn't work,
but I think it was a Vista64 driver that I was just seeing
if it would work. :)
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Old 10-06-2009
Tae Song
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Re: ACPI Driver

I downloaded this and peeked inside...

Lenove EnergyCut, after you've install this...

You will find ACPIVCP.INF under C:\Program Files\Lenovo\EnergyCut

If you point Device Manager at this it may install the ACPIVCP driver.

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Old 11-06-2009
Pastor Dave
Posts: n/a
I tried that driver, which is for the Y710. It did not work.
I even extracted the files manually and tried to update
the driver by pointing it directly to the folder.

The Y710 driver was a fix for some folks with a different
model of Lenovo, but it doesn't work for the Y530,
which is what I have.

Nothing from Lenovo will work. I have tried every
"Lenovo" suggestion that I have found on various
web sites and in various forums. None of them
will work for me on the ACPI\VPC2004\0 device.

I was afraid of that. I guess it's actually for Windows XP 32-bit. I've
looked high and low and starting to think it doesn't exist for Windows XP
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Old 12-06-2009
Pastor Dave
Posts: n/a
Re: ACPI Driver

Like the "ATK0100" driver, I think it's going to be
a matter of finding one that doesn't say it's for a
Lenovo, but works anyway.
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