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Thread: Photoshop CS5 epson scanner issue

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    Photoshop CS5 epson scanner issue

    I am using the Adobe CS5 demo on my Mac G5 computer which is loaded with the snow leopard operating system. My scanner is Epson Photo Expression 10000 XL. First time I tried then it was working fine. But after many attempts, Print Settings button got disabled. It was showing that the print button flashed but the dialog box didnt come up. There are 2 printers on line and same for all of them. All of the printers are workign fine in CS4. Is there any solution for this issue?

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    Re: Photoshop CS5 epson scanner issue

    Perform the following operation and see if that works for you:
    1. Uninstall the scanner driver
    2. Now download the latest driver of the scanner from its official website
    3. After that install the downloaded driver
    4. And then restart you computer
    5. Try to test the scanner again and see whether it works or not

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    Re: Photoshop CS5 epson scanner issue

    It might be possible that your team mates must have corrupt settings folder in your preferneces. So try to follow my method to solve this issue. First you need to quit Photoshop CS5. After that go to User/username/Library/Preferences/ Adobe iPhotoshop CS5 Settings and delete the settings folder. You will have to delete the whole folder and not just the contents of the folder. After that start Photoshop CS5 and it will try to create a new settings folder or preferences folder.

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    I also happen to get excatly the same issue when I was using CS4 and tried to use the Twain with Epson driver. It seems that all the printer drivers are not update to use the Twain with the new program so you will need to use the program outside of Photoshop. You might be able to use the free standing Epson Scan to get it to work outside of Photoshop but I think that scanning days from Photoshop are almost over. Incase you are not able to use the Epson Scan then try using the Vue Scan or Silverlight.

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    I was facing same issue where the Epson Scan stopped working for me after upgrading to CS5. It has something to do with the 64bit installation I think. The only resolution to this problem was to use Image Capture which comes with Mac. We just have to open Image Capture and your scanned should show up on the left side, just select it. After that on the right you will see a Scan To pull down menu. Choose Other and then choose Adobe Photoshop CS5 from your apps folder. After that it will scan directly into Photoshop CS5.

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