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Thread: How to burn a DVD video with AVS DVD Copy

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    How to burn a DVD video with AVS DVD Copy

    I need some details on creating a DVD movie from AVS tool. I have installed first Nero but when I insert a disc for burning the data it gives out a empty disc error. This has happened many time. Even after putting a fresh blank disc. A friend suggested me to use AVS tool. It is a nice and easy to tool to create DVD videos. I also wan to create audio disc via Nero. But the same is not working. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to burn a DVD video with AVS DVD Copy

    AVS DVD Copy is very simple to use. It is a small utility that allows you to burn your files to DVD. Run the tool and then click Burn DVD. If you have multiple drives, select one from the list below. You must now select the files or folders you want on your future DVD. To do this, click the Add button DVD. Then select the folders you want to add. They must contain the subfolders VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS possible. Then insert your blank DVD (or even a DVD rewritable), delete it if necessary (by clicking the Clear button) then click the Start burning.

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    Re: How to burn a DVD video with AVS DVD Copy

    Nero is the best and easy tool to create a good quality home audio and video disc. The best way I will suggest you first to remove the Nero software entirely. Then re-install it back again. It will be better if you can manage a fresh setup file. Otherwise run the old one again. And then check out that you DVD is reading disc or not. If not then there is definitely a hard ware fault. You can try to check some connections issues and try back again.

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    Re: How to burn a DVD video with AVS DVD Copy

    Nero Burning Rom, allows you to easily create audio CDs. In addition to creating these CDs, you can also apply multiple effects to your tracks (songs) without using audio editing software often too complex to use than it has to do. To burn an audio CD with Nero, first run Nero (this might sound stupid, but you see, it helps!). If all goes as the default configuration provides, you should be at the main screen (otherwise click on File => New). Then form here choose the audio cd option and follow the wizard.

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    Re: How to burn a DVD video with AVS DVD Copy

    Simply re-install Nero. It will work fine. Otherwise try to get a different brand of CD or DVD. Run Nero and form the left choose Audio CD option, check the box on the Write CD then fill the boxes of your choice in the right part. Then click New. The interface changes and you go to a kind of explorer. Add up your songs and burn disc. Nero gives you two options. One to create audio disc and other to create mp3's.

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    Re: How to burn a DVD video with AVS DVD Copy

    AVS is a nice and easy too for burning disc. But what I think is that Nero burns audio cd's into the most common format which is acceptable by wide range of devices. It is simple to create audio disc. Choose the files from your hard drive and click on next to burn. The explorer of Nero offers you at a time play option by which you can choose your favorite songs. Once your audio files added to the list, for each song can change the properties (title, volume, fade). To do this, right click on the song of your choice and then click Properties. Add effects as per your need.

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