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Thread: Hpqcxs08 service issue

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    Hpqcxs08 service issue

    Hello, can anyone tell me what is this Hpqcxs08 service and what does it do what if I disable it? I am not able to install hp printers in my Vista Machine although it worked fine previously on Windows XP OS. As soon as I try to install the printer an error message comes up with the HPQCXS08 service. I can go in the properties and disable it but cannot remove it through task Manager services therefore it will not start on restart and the installation of the printer hangs up. So can anyone tell me how to eliminate this process is it really required? Thank you
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    Re: Hpqcxs08 service issue

    The filename HPQCXS08.DLL is used by objects that are classified as safe. It has not yet been seen to be associated with malicious software.

    HPQCXS08.DLL has been seen to perform the following behavior:

    The Process is packed and/or encrypted using a software packing process
    HPQCXS08.DLL has been the subject of the following behavior:

    Created as a new Background Service on the machine
    Enabled as a COM Object/Server on the Local Machine
    Created as a process on disk

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    Re: Hpqcxs08 service issue

    According to this web site

    It's an HP Printer Service.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Hpqcxs08 service issue

    I have the same error occur when I try and install a brand new HP LaserJet M2727 straight out of the box on a new HP desktop system running XP Pro SP3.
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    Re: Hpqcxs08 service issue

    It's from Hewlett-Packard, HP CUE Context Manager Objects.
    I don't tihnk you have to keep it running...

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