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Thread: how to extract and play the .bin and .cue file

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    solvent Guest

    how to extract and play the .bin and .cue file

    I have downloaded a tech exam folder contained .bin and .cue. Anyone tell me how to play them.

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    Bin/Cue files are just “image” files that CD Burning sofwares use to create a CD. You could always open the bIN file using ISOBuster, and then extract all the files.

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    Yogesh Guest

    Use Daemon tools

    Another option is Daemon tools.

    I’ll give you a short walk threw. Install Daemon tools. You should see a new icon in the task bar, lower right corner next to clock (assuming you haven’t moved it). It will be a red lightning bolt in a grey circle in a red box. (colors may be different) right click it and select “virtual CD/DVD-rom” and a new menu will appear your should see a “device 0: [x:] No Media” (might also be f: or g: or any other of 26 letters depending on how your drives are orginized) if you don’t you’ll see “set number of devices” and under it you should select “1 drive” now that you definitly have it select the “device 0: [x:] No Media” and under it select “mount image” an open dialog will appear and you should select the .bin file (you may have to select view all files) hit open and it’s mounted. Your computer now thinks there is a CD-rom drive that isn’t really there complete a CD that is really a .bin file on your hard disk. You can open it and view and copy files or run your game from it. When your done go back and select unmount and you’ve (evectivly) taken the fake CD out of the fake drive. You can have up to 4 such drives each with a different .bin file when your done you can tell it to remove all fake drives or whatever you want, you should be able to figure that out without any dificulty now that your pointed in the right direction.

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    .bin & .cue file extensions are commonly used to show that a file is an image of a CD or DVD.

    The most simple way to access these files is to use your CD or DVD Burner to burn them to a disk. Nero is a common program that is used to burn bin/cue files to hard media.

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    solvent Guest
    Thanks to Glenny, Yogesh A and Eric B for your responces.

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    Yogesh Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by solvent View Post
    Thanks to Glenny, Yogesh A and Eric B for your responces.
    If that solved your query then we are glad to serve you. Welcome anytime

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